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Indoor Planting (Greenery inside your home)

Greenery inside home

Everyone today wants greenery inside your home, it also has many advantages. Indoor planting greenery indoors an idea which is also available as well as fresh air. Nowadays bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms are also indoor planting fashion.

Many plants that are less caring, less water and less light will even survive. Indoor plants in the market in the name of the plant is easily accessible. Today many plants such as bougainvillea plant, aromatic plants like geraniums, exotic begonias, pentas, and gardenias. These tropical plants are scattered in home beauty and fragrance. These beautiful flowers are growing to grace your drawing room. Indoor plants also that some people seem to home in the form of prosperity such as Pothos, Peace Lily, Lucky Bamboo etc.

About indoor Plants:

How much you know about your indoor plants, these plants come from. These plants also need to know about it, what they prefer soil. These plants require sunlight or not. Others are plants that are placed close to the sunny window, i.e. one has to determine the location of the plants. Some plants are such that the moisture that is required and some will survive for days without water. These details are needed to keep the plants healthy. But you are not yet any indoor plants that detail some general rules you can grow your indoor garden.

The plant has a life which is in your hands. That health care will continue to plant healthy. Sick and unhealthy plants attract insects. Some plants such as cinerarias, poinsettias, chrysanthemums, azaleas and cyclamen, which decorations are wonderful indoor plants, but since these plants have finished flowering should be dismissed.

Indoor Plants care:

  • If you choose plants that can survive in the light to suit your system. Healthy plants pests and protects from diseases.
  • Other plants, such as light, water and food are needed so the indoor plant. That routine care your plants will be healthy and beautiful. Indoor plants and soil preparation before planting the right way to plant.
  • The amount of fertilizer required, some common things are noticeable.
  • The general formula is 6-12-6 fertilizer for the plants.
  • Compost generally from September to mid-January, the plant should be comfortable living and a few months.
  • Use tea leaf and coffee should not never put in the container plants. Flies because they seem to flourish resulting in damage to the plant.
  • Common causes of an excessive amount of water to kill the plant.
  • Your plants to survive water, light, and heat are required, there is a lack of attention to these things. If you are going out of the house or leave the responsibility handed over to the neighbors.
  • Peat-free compost is suitable for all indoor plants. It will be available in the market.
  • Some plants require more light, a sunny window is a perfect place for such plants.
  • Regular pruning is to be the plants, otherwise, it will be huge size. These plants lose their foliage on their lower branches it’s very difficult to come again.

The Potting Mix:

The election is very important because some plants dry clay soil, sandy soil and some prefer some common soil so the soil should be selected to suit the nature of the plant. Cactus, Succulent, succulents, etc. are some of the plants were completely dry and sand-like soil. seedlings should be light and rich soil moisture, in which they are developed.

The Potting Mix for most indoor plants usually composed of peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite. Is made of. The soil mixture is prepared which will absorb the moisture and resists compaction, but they tend to dry out quickly.

Many gardeners components to their indoor growing mix. These might Include leaf mold, finished compost, peat composted, and Rich Garden Soil. They are 10 to 20 percent organic matter. These substances are drying out as fast as quickly dries Soil Mix for these reasons it is to get a chance to grow microorganisms.

How to Water:

  • Plant water can be anywhere up or down. If you water the plant from above it will certainly not wet the leaves when the soil is completely moist.
  • Pour water into the container must have drainage holes at the bottom for the water comes out.
  • Water from containers around, spreading the container must enclose saucer below.


The container has a good drainage hole for a healthy house plant. Start gardening with the good organic potting mix. It is specially designed for this. Before putting the plant in a container suitable for the hole in the bottom and make the water recedes. Then spread a layer of gravel at the bottom. Then enter the Potting Mix. Check back from time to time the hole is not full. Otherwise, the plant’s roots can rot.


From day to night, temperatures of 10 degrees F in the estimate of the difference in the temperature difference will benefit from having the plant. Each year there is a rest period for most plants. Every plant after blooming and fruiting is a state of dormancy. Fertilizer and water during this stage and should be cut when the natural light decreases. When natural light decreases and looks to be a long day, so when the spring season begins to plant again a certain amount of water and fertilizer.

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