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Make it Yourself: The Most Efficient Mosquito Repellent

We don’t like mosquitoes on the grounds that they are annoying and humming parasitic bugs of our summers. We have individuals who can be bitten by mosquitoes once in a while, though others are bitten all of the time.

All individuals, no matter what age, race or sex they are, relief 4 chemicals, one nonanal. That chemical (mixed with carbon dioxide) is magnet to mosquitoes. The motivation behind why a few individuals are more bitten then others is that every individual have different levels of nonanal.

You can find a lot of bugs against sprays, but truly no one can actually help.As opposed to purchasing costly bug anti-agents you can make a more productive and less expensive variant at home.

After using it , you can enjoy in summer evenings and totally forget these small, irritating bugs.


  • 100 ml of baby oil
  • 100 grams of fresh garlic clove
  • ½ liter of rubbing alcohol

Put garlic and alcohol in a dish and wait for 4 days. The outcomes will be surprisingly better on the off chance that you blend the mix twice every day. After 4 days, include baby oil and you will get a anti-bug spray.

You can place it in a jug and apply when required. You just need few drops onto every bitten zone. The most helpful is to spray from this anti-bug spray onto your lower legs, back of the neck, back of the knees and wrists, yet you get bitten in different zones also, so apply where you think you need to.

You can spray your dog also, and help him against these insects.

Avoid any kind eye contact, and be always careful where you are spraying it. Use it on children but have in mind to be near them always when they are spraying. Anyway it is better than the bought anti-bug sprays.

Try this recipe if you don’t like using of baby oil or alcohol:

Decide between these essential oils: catnip, lavender, lemongrass, citronella, tea tree, cajeput, mint, eucalyptus, clove rosemary, cedar,

Purified or boiled water

Regular witch hazel

Put purified or boiled water into the ½ spray bottle.

Fill the bottle with witch hazel to the top.

Put 30 to 50 drops of essential oil to reach the wanted aroma. If you put more oil, the pray will be stronger.

These insects are not only annoying creatures but also transmit diseases. The more bites you have, the more exposed you are to diseases such as Malaria and West Nile. Such a bug repellent will be helpful for your health and you are now free to have a wonderful, bug-less summer evening!

These bugs are irritating animals and they can transmit maladies. The more bites you have, the more presented you are to maladies, for example, Malaria and West Nile. This anti-bug spray will be useful for your wellbeing and you are allowed to have a great summer evening without bugs.

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