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Natural cures for eyelash loss

There are many people around the world who have eyelash loss and this is a very uncomfortable condition. In the most cases the natural treatment for eyelash loss is involving the treatment of an underlying condition. There are many home remedies which are used for treating this condition. It is very frustrating condition and even it can be very distressing to some people. Scarce amount of lashes and thinning of the eyelashes are the most common symptoms of eyelash loss. Also there are some people who suffer from eyelash loss but also have allergic reactions, irritation and eye infections which are the reason why there is thinning of your eyelashes. Medicinal, systemic, menopausal, dermatologic and ophthalmic factors can lead to eyelash loss. In the most cases the first step of curing eyelash loss is to treat the underlying condition. For example, if you have eczema, then you should treat this condition and it will help you to cure of eyelash loss. But also there are many home remedies which also can help you to cure of this condition. Talk with your doctor if you suffer from eyelash loss. He will tell you which the best natural treatment for you is.

Here are some home remedies for eyelash loss:


One of the most important factors which can ensure you that you will have healthy lashes is to have proper hygiene. You should clean your skin with borax. This natural cure will eliminate any toxin in your skin which can be a reason why your eyelashes are falling out. Also this home remedy will enhance the growth of your eyelashes. Also you can remove your makeup with borax because it will help you to clean this area of parasites and mites which may be the real cause for your eyelash loss.

Vitamin E: 

You can use eyelash brush to apply the Vitamin E on your eyelashes. This home remedy will promote the eyelash growth. Also you can eat foods which are rich with Vitamin E (such as sunflower seeds, spinach, hazelnuts and almonds) if you want to have healthy eyelashes.

Remove makeup: 

One of the best ways to prevent eyelash loss is to remove your makeup. You should not forget it. You should use cotton balls to remove your makeup in gentle way. Also you should use hypoallergenic makeup that does not cause you irritation or some similar condition that can lead to eyelash loss. What is important to know is that you should never use makeup after the date has expired. You must throw them and replace with new one because if you continue using them, then they can cause weird things on your skin.

Use glycerine/egg white: 

You should make a mixture of ½ teaspoon of castor oil and two to three drops of glycerine. You can apply this mixture directly on your eyelashes because this will improve their growth. If you do not have glycerine in your home, then you can make this natural treatment with egg white and castor oil.


Vitamin B and a coenzyme, biotin is known as Vitamin H. It has many additional nutrients which can help you to have healthy skin, cells, metabolism and other parts of your body. One of the most effective natural treatments for reversing eyelash loss is to take biotin. This nutrient will help hair growth and nourishment. It is said not to apply biotin in topical way. Instead, you should take biotin supplements that will help you to cure of this condition but also it will help you with the hair loss from your scalp as well.

Monitor your diet: 

Your diet also can affect your eyelashes. If you do not consume enough amounts of essential fatty acids and proteins in your diet and you consume a lot of calories, then this can lead to thinning of your eyelashes. You should eat enough amounts of cold water fish or you can take cold water fish supplements. Also you should consume enough amounts of nuts. These types of foods will help you to have healthy lashes.

Stop rubbing and pulling: 

If you wear mascara and you rub your eyes, then this can also lead to eyelash loss. If you have noticed that your eyes are red and itchy most of the time, which is forcing you to rub them, then you should visit your doctor and make test to see if your eyelashes are in good health.

Wearing false lashes too often: 

Many girls want to have long eyelashes and they look good but they should not use them too often because if you use them too often, then they can cause trauma to your natural eyelashes. They have glue and the tugging and pulling can be very stressful for your eyelashes. If you have eyelash loss, then you should stop using the natural eyelashes.

Castor oil: 

One of the most common causes for eyelash loss is the irritation of the affected areas. This home remedy has proven its effects in the natural treatment of eyelash loss. You should apply castor oil to your eyelids every day because this will soothe the area and also it will encourage the re-growth of your lashes. This is natural oil which has anti – inflammatory properties that are very effective for healing irritated skin. Also you can use this natural remedy for sparse eyebrows. If you do not have castor oil at your home, then you can use almond oil or coconut oil because they are very beneficial for treating eyelash loss.

Petroleum jelly: 

This natural cure is tried and tested and it has shown that it can be used as natural treatment for eyelash loss. It will nourish your eyelashes. Also it will help them re-grow again. This is one of the most recommended natural treatments for eyelashes loss because it can help them to live healthy in natural way for long period.

Avoid stress like plague: 

We live in the era where we are faces with stressful situations every day. We know that stress is one of the most major factors which lead to many different diseases and also it can lead to eyelash loss. If stress is not your major cause for eyelash loss, then this can worsen this condition. This is a reason why we should avoid stressful situations as much as we can.

Stop using mascara: 

If you have eyelash loss which is severe condition, then you should stop using mascara until you have noticed improvements in your condition. Also you should not apply your mascara aggressively.

Treat any infections: 

If you have severe or chronic eye infection, then you should visit your doctor and take the right medicines which can improve your condition. Also you should treat any skin problem which you have around your eyes. Also you should not rub your eyelashes because you can make your eyelashes not to grow again or what is worse you can affect your eyes.

Careful mascara choice: 

If you want to prevent the eyelash loss, then you should be very careful when you are buying mascara. There are some mascara brands which can increase your risk of getting eyelash loss. You should talk with some professional doctor about the mascara brand which you want to buy.

Try hot compress: 

You should try with the hot compress because this will help you in the re-growth of your eyelashes. You can do this natural treatment two times per day for five minutes.

Apply green tea: 

You can apply this home remedy if you have eyelash loss. You should use a cotton ball to apply green tea on your closed eyelashes. You should apply this home remedy after it has cooled down which can increase the growth of your eyelashes. You should wash your eyes after four to five minutes with cold water because in this way you will have effective results. Also you can rub a mixture of two tablespoons of jojoba oil with 1/8 cup of green tea.

Lemon peel: 

You should soak lemon peel in olive oil for four to five days. You should prepare a paste of lemon peel. You should apply this natural cure on your eyelashes. It can help you in the growth of your eyelashes. Also you can make a paste from lemon peel and castor oil.

Olive oil: 

There are many studies in which is shown that the olive oil can be used as natural treatment for hair growth. You should use oil mascara stick after you have cleaned your eyelashes thoroughly. You should dip the applicator stick with olive oil and then you should apply it on your eyelashes in careful way before you go to bed. You should let it stay there through all the nigh because in this way it can have positive effect on you. The hair follicles will be nourished and moisturized overnight. When you wake up in the morning, then you should wash off the olive oil from your eyelashes with lukewarm water. If you are using this natural treatment in a period of two to three months, then you will notice that your eyelashes will start to grow bigger and also they will be healthy.

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