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Natural cures for stuttering

Stuttering is a very common problem. It can appear in children when they develop their speaking abilities. Usually they overgrow this period. But also there are cases when stuttering continues in adults. What is important to know is that this is not disease like most of us think, but it is a speech disorder. There are many causes for this disorder such as impatient nature, genetic disorder, anxiety, shame, stress, embarrassment, nervousness, loss of control during speech and the imbalance between muscles and nervous system. When people suffer from stuttering, then they can have some of the next symptoms: silent blocks and prolongation of sounds, hesitation between speaking, difficulty in starting a phrase or word and repetition of words. Here are some home remedies and natural cures which can help you to fight against the stuttering in natural way:

Natural cures for stuttering

  • Reading: When people have problems with stuttering, then they should try to read out loud. When they are practicing this method, then they can identify where they are repeating the syllables and they can correct them. It is better idea to start reading books every day. You should read them loud. While you are talking loud you can improve the balance of your breath.
  • Chewing of some foods: When you chew some foods such as dried dates, Indian gooseberries, almonds, cinnamon and black pepper can strengthen your speech organs if you chew them in regular way.
  • Honey and salt: Honey many health benefits for our body. If you want to improve your stuttering, then you should make a mixture from one teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon honey. You should mix those ingredients and then rub it on your tongue. You should rub your tongue every day for ten minutes every morning. If you repeat it in a period of few months, then you can notice that your condition is improved.
  • Massage with warm Brahmi oil: This is very helpful home remedy which you should try it if you suffer from stuttering. You will need 10 ml of this kind of oil. Then, you should warm the Brahmi oil. Then, you should let this warm oil to become lukewarm oil. You should massage the top of your head with Brahmi oil. Massage the top of your head with gentle moves. Leave this kind of oil to stay on your head from 30 minutes to one hour. Then, you should wash this oil with warm water. Also you can use a warm water to wash the Brahmi oil from your head. When you are using this method, then you can improve the power of your brain. Brahmi oil is known as brain booster. This will help you to eliminate the problems with your speaking which means that you will help yourself to reduce the symptoms of stuttering. Also you can use the Brahmi oil before you go to bed. Massage your head with it. Let it stay all the night. Then, you should wash this oil in the morning. It will help you a lot to improve your condition.
  • Loudly pronounce vowels: A, E, I, O and U are vowels. You should loudly speak them. Also you should try to speak them very clear. Every time when you utter the vowels you should articulate and distort your face in strong way.
  • Amla (India Gooseberry): If you suffer from stuttering, then you should use Amla as your natural remedy. You should chew a fresh and green Amla. Chew this herb slowly. If you have children who suffer from stuttering, then you should give them this kind of natural remedy.
  • Almond, black pepper and sugar candy: You should grind seven pieces of black pepper and almonds. You should make a paste from them. Then, you should add sugar candy in the paste. Then, you should lick this paste. You should use this kind of remedy every morning on empty stomach. Soon you will notice that your condition has improved. Also you will feel a relief from the stuttering. You should use this kind of remedy at regular base at least once per month.
  • Black pepper with butter: You will need a powder of black pepper. Then, you should mix this powder with butter. In a very short time this kind of remedy will help you if you eat this kind of mixture every day in the morning.
  • Bloated borax (fried borax) with honey: Borax is also known as Disodium tetraborate, Sodium tetraborate and Sodium borate. You will need some amount of Fried (bloated) borax. You should mix it with honey. With this kind of paste you should rub your tongue in gentle way. People who suffer from stuttering should use this kind of remedy because it will help them a lot.
  • Cinnamomum Tamala: Cinnamomum Tamala is also known as Indian cassia, Tejpat, Indian bark, malabathrum and Malabar leaf. You should put Indian cassia under your tongue. It is very effective natural remedy for stuttering and stammering.
  • Dried dates and milk: In 250 gm Milk you should boil two dried dates. Boil them 5 – 10 minutes. Then, you should cover the pot with muslin or net piece. You should let this mixture to stay open. Let this mixture to stay all night. You should eat those dates on empty stomach together with milk. Eat them before breakfast every day in a period of 3 months. This will help you to win against the stuttering.
  • Raisins, almonds and walnut: You should eat one walnut, seven balanced almonds and nine dried grapes/raisins with one glass of lukewarm milk. You should eat this kind of mixture on empty stomach in a period of 21 days. This is a very effective home remedy if you suffer from stuttering.
  • Singing: If you suffer from stuttering, then you can try to sing. When you sing you can have more control over your breath. Also the phonatory muscles can be controlled on easiest way with this kind of practice. Also you can go to some theatrical activities. In this way you can help yourself to reduce the symptoms of stuttering.
  • The Cow’s Butter: Cow’s butter is also known as the Ghee. It will help you to improve your brain function and also the power of your brain will be boosted. You should use this kind of herb with other foods. It will help you for this problem. These remedies need to be used in a period of 2 months. But you must talk with your doctor before you start using them. Some of them can cause you side effects. This is a reason why you should not use them on your own.
  • Cassia fistula (Amaltas): Golden shower tree or Amaltas is the same tree. You will need a pulp of this tree. Also you will need to take green coriander. You should grind those ingredients with water. You should make a paste from these ingredients. This paste should be thin as water. Rinse yourself every day with this kind of water. It will help you a lot to reduce the symptoms of stuttering and also it will help you to rid of it.
  • Visualization: When you want to start with speaking you should imagine those words in your mind before you say them. This is a very easy practice for your condition and it will help you a lot to improve your condition.
  • Stand in front of the mirror: If you suffer from stuttering problem and you want to improve the talking or speech, then you should do this method. Many people have improved their ability to speak while they were using this method. You should stand in front of your mirror. You should imagine that you are talking with someone else. In this way you can feel more self confidence. When you are talking with the other person you should try to control your emotions. This can help you to talk in normal way. You will have more confidence while your speech is in a flow and also your concentration will be increased.
  • Physically and mentally relax: If you have decided to use this kind of method for improving your condition, then you should forget about the stress that you are feeling while you stutter. This is meditation. It means that you should relax your body and your mind. Forget about your problem in some period. You do not need additional stress. If you are trying some exercises, then you should believe that your condition will be improved.
  • Deep breathing exercises: You can try with some breathing exercises because they can help you to improve your condition. When you take a deep breath, you inhale and exhale the air through your mouth slowly, then this will help you to relax the tension in the muscles of the speech organs and it will help them to strength. While you are exhaling the air you should push your tongue out and the chest muscles should be inward.

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