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Natural Remedy For Joint Pain – Red Hot Chili Oil

The pain in thejoints can be very stressful and quite painful, so what we are going to suggest here is a natural remedy for joint pain that increases the blood circulation and soothesthe pain.

This powerful oil is prepared only from red hot peppers and is really helpfull against neuralgia, rheumatism, radiculitis, myositisand joint pain.

The hot chili peppers oil helps you by spreading the capillaries, and increasing the  blood circulation in the upper parts of the skin and body, the vitamin metabolism increases and effectively activatesthe regenerative processes in the skin epidermis.


  • 2 cups of cold-pressed olive oil
  • 10 fresh red hot chili peppers
  • Glass jar from 1 liter


First wash the peppers, then cut the handles off and with a meat grinding machine grind them finely. You should get almost a full cup of grounded mixture. Place it in the 1 liter glass jar with the olive oil inside. Leave the jar in a dark place. After 7 days filter the mixture through a plastic strainer or a gauze.

The mixture of the red peppers that’s left from the oil filtering can be placed  in the fridge and usedlater as an additive when cooking and the red hot chili peppers oil can be used to relieve the joint pain.

How to use the oil?

Firstly apply the oil on the painful joints or even some other body parts that you feel pain on. Massage the joints several times during the day. Right after you rub it, put on some warm socks or tights, that is, if you apply it on your legs or feet. Before applying the oil you should first heat up the body parts that you feel pain on – arms, neck, back etc.

After that, apply the oil, and you will feel a burning sensation on the skin, but a enjoyable sensation, because the oil warms the skin deeply without causing burns.

When your skin gets used to the oil you should change the intensity of application of the oil. If the pain appears again after a month or two you can repeat this procedure once a week. The oil should be stored in a dark place.