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Obvious And Hidden Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Nowadays, breast cancer is the most dreaded sort of cancer among the female gender. According to statistics, 14 percent of all cancer types in women are breast cancer.

If we know and understand our body, especially the anatomy and function of our breasts, we can easily notice which changes are ordinary and which are abnormal. The breasts consist of breast tissue, fat tissue, connective tissue, arteries, nerves and veins. The function and appearance of the breasts changes with age.

1. Breast lumps are the primer and most common symptom of breast cancer. These lumps may often be confused with benign tumors and cysts. Cysts in the breast are a common occurrence. Cysts are sacks of fluid in the tissues.

2. Thickened areas and lumps on the breasts or on the armpit can be detected by performing a regular examination of yourself.

3. Size and shape changes of both or one breast.

4. If you are experiencing pain, that is not related to your menstrual period, in the breasts or the underarm area, check yourself for breast cancer.

5. Bloody or milky discharges from one or both nipples if you are not lactating, may be a sign of breast cancer.

6. If you notice sunken skin on the breast, consult a doctor. This dimpling may be symptom of breast cancer.

7. Rashes on the skin of the nipples and swelling or redness of the lymph node on the armpit are some other signs of breast cancer.

It is extremely important for women to perform a self-examination for breast cancer regularly, since this cancer type treatment depends a lot on when the cancer is diagnosed.