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Resetting Your Hormones Will Make You Lose Belly Fat

No matter how strict diet you have, just one cheat meal and your belly fat is there again. Keep working out and remain true to your diet because everything you do has effects. However, there are some women who just can’t succeed to lose the fat, especially in their belly area. But they need to try even harder to lower their stubborn belly fat.

Have patience and keep doing what you do, as you can succeed to achieve your set goal with some effort. On the other hand, changes can sometimes prove to be more helpful than repeating the same thing over and over again. For this purpose, we will explain what hormones do.

There are always some people who complain that they simply can’t lose weight because of some reason, and they are somehow right. They claim that they can’t lose weight because of their hormones, and for their luck, they can reset the hormones and lose weight.

Every problem has a solution if you just try to find it by thorough research. Happily, we did that part for you, and your only job is to put as much effort to it as you can.

Prior to explaining the foods and ways to reset your hormones, take a look which are the hormones that trigger the stubborn belly fat.

  • High estrogen
  • High insulin
  • High cortisol
  • Low Growth Hormone
  • Low DHEA

Controlling your body is not hard if you include the following foods in your everyday diet. You will be able to feel the benefits from these healthy ingredients immediately.

Insulin carries sugar to cells, where it’s used as a fuel by the body, or stored as a fat. So, high levels of insulin can cause damage, as it stimulates the belly fat development, as well as increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and several cardiovascular diseases.

We won’t discuss the sugary foods as they are well-known. Nevertheless, they aren’t the only insulin source. It can be triggered by too much stress and alcohol, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, excess body fat, and family history of diabetes.

So, in order to remain your insulin levels low, you have a work to do, mostly in your kitchen. Consuming specific foods will help you fight against high levels of insulin, and remove the excess belly fat of your system. According to a 2002 study, a diet rich in proteins helps in the reduction of belly fat. High protein diet was compared to a low protein diet by researchers. Women who got high-protein diet showed reduced belly fat mass.

Avoid consuming foods with added sugar and trans fats, as well as alcohol, and on the other hand add fiber rich foods and dark green vegetables.

Controlling Levels of Estrogen

The main symptoms are fat build-up in the belly, obesity, headaches, fibrocystic breasts and ovaries, breast cancer, and menstrual irregularity. Premenopausal women who have high levels of estrogen are likely to develop too much fat around their hips during their PMS. Moreover, they will have difficulties in trying to lose weight.

However, there are foods that can help in this condition The natural chemicals phytonutrients and phytochemicals contained in the plant foods have ability to control the levels of estrogen in our body. They are the chemicals responsible for protection of plants from threats, and the same applies for the human’s body, but this time protection from estrogen-like activity.

Therefore, look for foods with these natural chemical varies like seeds, flaxseed, nuts, and legumes. Flaxseed is considered as the food with the highest concentration of phytoestrogen.

Moreover, it can also be found in berries, lentils, sesame seeds, alfalfa, apples, carrots, rice, barley, rice bran, anise, dried beans, fennel, pomegranates, and wheat germ, so we recommend adding these foods in your daily diet.

Controlling Cortisol

During these stressful times, it’s good to remind ourselves that the body releases cortisol when under stress. Cortisol is not dangerous if it’s in small doses. But, in cases of chronic stress, the cortisol goes sky-high, and it can result in memory problems, mood changes, less sleep, and sometimes even abdominal obesity.

And it is now that you should fight back with a food sword!