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Benefits of Samphire And Its Side Effects

Samphire is not very common used type of herb. It has many benefits such as boosting circulation, induces sleep, helps with weight loss, protect the immune system, aids digestion and ability to detoxify your body. This is a kind of salty sea vegetable. There are many varieties that are grown across Eurasia and the United Kingdom. This kind of herb is known for more than five hundred years.

Samphire it has many benefits are because of the presence of dietary fiber, minerals (such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) and vitamins (Vitamins C, Vitamin B and Vitamin A). You should know that this herb has high amounts of sodium. People who have high risk of getting cardiovascular disease or who suffer from high blood pressure should not add samphire in your diet. You should not add salt when you are cooking samphire. In 100 grams of samphire there are 100 calories. Following are some of the important health benefit of samphire.

Benefits and Healthy properties of Samphire

Weight loss: 

It has low content of fat and low levels of calories which can be very important part for all people who want to lose their weight. The dietary fiber in this herb will optimize the nutrient and excretion intake. It will make you feel full. Also this element will suppress the ghrelin hormone in your body. This means that you should not eat many snacks throughout the day. You will have lot of energy for doing the everyday activities.


We know that are many different types of inflammations which can affect your body. Here we can include infected wounds, hemorrhoids, gout and arthritis. This herb has anti – inflammatory nature which means that this is one of the best natural remedies for many different types of inflammatory conditions. You can consume this herb or you can apply it topically. In the both ways samphire health benefits will help you to reduce the inflammation. It will soothe the inflammation and swelling and it will ease the pain.


Samphire has fucoidans which are very important part of our health. This herb can help you to lower the oxidative stress from your body. Also it can help you to eliminate the free radicals from your body. It can protect you from cancer and cancer. Also this element will help you to stay protected from external attacks.

Bone health: 

It has high amounts of calcium. You should add this kind of sea vegetable in your diet because it can keep the health of your bones. When you have normal intake of calcium, then the iron intake will be also normal which means that the circulation in your body will be effective. Also this element will help you to have strong bones as you are getting older. As we grow older, our bone mineral density is dropping which is natural process. This is a reason why you should increase the intake amount of calcium.

Sleep aid: 

Samphire has magnesium which can affect on neurotransmitter production, hormonal balance and on our overall health. Many people suffer from magnesium deficiency and they do not know this fact. If you constantly have restless nights or you suffer from insomnia, then you can have bad natural rhythms. You should add samphire in your diet if you suffer from these problems because it will help you to have quality sleeping.

Immune system: 

Samphire has Vitamin A and Vitamin C as its components which are very important for many different kinds of processes in our bodies. Also they will help us to have strong immune system. The first defense lines of our bodies are the white blood cells. When we consume samphire, then we enter the Vitamin C which is increasing the production of the white blood cells. These vitamins are antioxidants which mean that they will neutralize the free radicals from your body that in the most cases are a reason for oxidative stress and chronic diseases.


It has high amounts of dietary fiber which can help us to have healthy digestive system. Because of samphire health benefits, it will bulk up the stool which means that it can pass more easily through our digestive system and will not cause any kind of discomfort or constipation. Also the fiber in samphire will reduce the inflammation in the gut which leads to effective nutrient uptake.