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Say Goodbye To Back Pain! Here’s How To Get Rid Of Back Pain In Natural Way! Successful In 95% Of Cases!

Do you know that low back pain has become the most common reason behind absenteeism at work? Yes, it is true. Many people couldn’t do their a daily activity or office work due to low back pain. The health issue of low back pain is spreading at a high rate among working-class people.

The disorder is known as “hexenschuss” or witch stab which is the sudden emergence of pain and one can not move properly. It is also known as lumbago and commonly referred as low back pain.

What Is It?

If we look anatomically, then spine is a complicated set of vertebrae. It consists of 12 thoracics, 7 cervical and 5 lumbar mobiles. It also consists of cartilage rings which allow the launch of your vertebrae. It is associated with a lot of muscles, blood vessels, nerves as well as ligaments. It actually forms a body bearing assembly.

Your upright posture is due to this vertebrae. They are arranged in tube shape shielding canal. The spinal cord and nerve roots of legs and arms also pass through this canal.

Your spine is responsible for multiple functions and thus exposed to the constant mechanical action of load. It went through a load of bending, twisting, train, pressure, and shear. The overuse of spine makes it more prone to inflammation.

The different parts of the spine like thoracic, cervical and lumbar has different sort of motion involved. Like among these the neck part is extremely mobile whereas the breast part has low mobility. The degenerative changes occur during the transition between one part of your spine to another part which is also a source of pain.

People who work in adverse postures due to their job demand, who are involved in hard physical work and older men do have a fast degenerative process. Also, people with some congenital anomalies of the spine after operations or injuries, people who suffer from osteoporosis are more prone to low back pain.

Treatment And Prevention

Many people suggest some exercise or diet to get rid of the low back pain. There is one herbal remedy which has provide relief from back pain to millions of people. The herb is comfrey which grows on fields, wet meadows, and ditches near the water.

As per researchers, the ointment which consists of an extract of comfrey was tested for 5 days to heal the back pain completely. The research was done on 120 people who were struggling with lower and upper back pain.

This research was conducted at German Sports University in Bonn, recently the results of this research were published in British Journal of Sports Medina. The research confirms that comfrey root extract works effectively to reduce acute pain. And this fact is now clinically proven based on the test conducted by the researcher.

Since ancient times, herbalists have been using this plant with beet and large root along with hairy leaves to reduce the irritation and inflammation. Some of the previous studies also show that comfrey extract can be used to remove all types of pain. It can be used as a gel to fight the pain and dislocation of joints in knee and osteoarthritis. It should not be used in the form of capsule or supplement as it is toxic in nature for your liver.

So, this is the natural remedy which will help you to get rid of back pain. Try out the topical application of comfrey to live your life at it’s fullest.