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Stress-Less Beauty Secrets of the Stars


Star secret: Olga Lorencin (facialist to Carrie-Anne Moss and Rosanna Arquette) cared for clients’ skin with a “red-carpet facial” at Kinara, her hot new day spa in Los Angeles. The gentle treatment exfoliates and hydrates skin and includes a stress-busting massage that helps prevent blemishes triggered by overactive sebaceous glands.

Do it at home: To halt breakouts, use an exfoliating lactic-acid serum. Then diminish redness with this DIY mask developed by Lorencin: Blend a cup of fresh strawberries with a cup of whole-milk yogurt and a tablespoon of almond oil. Remove after 20 minutes.


Star secret: Top stylist Charles Worthington created Dream Couture, a rich shampoo and conditioner, to deeply hydrate the tresses of Oscar-goers (we hear Darryl Hannah indulged). The decadent formula contained champagne and black truffles and was applied with a scalp massage.

Do it at home: Give yourself a conditioning treatment in the shower by coating your hair with a hydrating formula infused with a shine-enhancing vegetable-based oil such as wheat germ or avocado. Then gently press your fingers from forehead to crown to stimulate nerve endings in the scalp.


Star secret: At the Beauty Bungalow, Sarah Wynter and Rachel Griffiths received Creative Nail Design’s signature Spa Pedicure. They walked out with fabulous toes and de-frazzled nerves-no doubt because pressing certain points on the feet calms the entire body.

Do it at home: Fill a basin with warm water and a few drops of skin-softening soak. Add marbles and roll your feet over them to simulate a massage.


Star secret: Nothing says glamour like a perfect red pout. But the real reward is how it makes you feel. “No matter what’s going on in your life, a great lipstick will perk you up,” says Gregory Arlt, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist for M.A.C, who made up Minnie Driver and rapper Eve.

Do it at home: Paint your pucker with a red lip gloss-the sheer texture makes it goof-proof and universally flattering. Or try any new shade. “Makeup that’s different from what you normally wear positively affects your mood,” says Arlt.


Star secret: The Estée Lauder Mobile Spa pampered the A-list (including Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek) with aromatherapy body treatments and hot stone massages.

Do it at home: Mix four ounces of almond oil with one-half ounce of lavender essential oil. Warm the oils between your hands and start kneading your calves, working up the body to your shoulders.


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