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The Little Red Berry that Mexicans Use to Fight Cancer and Inflammation

Not all the people in the world are familiar with aratilis. Some people grew up eating this fruit while other don’t even know they exist. This article will give a detailed information about this fruit and its properties.

This potent berry is a powerful source of many health benefits that will make you look for it in the moment of reading this article.

What is Aratilis?

It is a type of little red berry that grows in only a few parts of the world such as Philippines, Asia, Caribbean and Mexico. Aratilis is the Filipino name but it is also known as Jamaica cherry, Panama berry, saresa, Singapore tree, capulin, strawberry tree and Muntingia calabura. They don’t require much attention just some water and sun. They are a fast growing berries that within two years become three meter high.

Aratilis is usually eaten raw as the other fruits. Its fruit is used for jams while the leaves are used for tea. In Brazil, fishermen usually plant Aratilis along the river banks in order to attract the fish.

Health Merits of Aratilis


Although our bodies have a predisposition to remove the harmful bacteria, sometimes the food we eat can be of great help. So, in cases when you experience some cold or virus consume aratilis because it won’t only boost your immune system but it will provide antibiotic and antibacterial properties.

2.Increase the Cognition Level

Aratilis is loaded with flavanone compounds which provide a proper development and function of the brain. A regular consumption of this berry can prevent cognitive impairment or neurodegenerative disease.

3.Anti-Inflammatory properties

A regular consumption of aratilis can prevent many pro-inflammation agents that can affect any part of the body.

4.Fights Cancer

Aratilis is rich in cytotoxic flavonoids that successfully fight cancer. Not only it is delicious but aratilis’ leaves and stems can prevent certain cancers.

Although most of the healing properties of aratilis are well-known, the scientists tend to rediscover some more. For that reason, it is subjected to some deeper analysis that will take time to be finished.

If have some aratilis near you, keep on eating, they are as healthy as the other fruits.