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The Secret Behind Tequila’s Ability to Reduce Blood Sugar and Weight

You might think red wine is the only alcohol that’s good for your health, but here’s news for you – new research has discovered that tequila might be as beneficial to your health as a glass or red wine. Excessive alcohol use can cause numerous health problems by damaging your internal organs, especially the liver.

However, moderate amounts of some drinks such as tequila can help melt the stubborn fat around your waist and help lose those extra pounds.

Tequila is made from the fermentation of the natural sugars found in the leaves of the tropical agave plant.

According to a 2014 study, these natural sugars can help lower the blood sugar levels in our body, as well as speed up the fat- and weight-loss process. This is great for anyone with excess weight and fat.

The lead researcher Mercedes G. López explains this extraordinary tequila’s property is coming from the enzymes in this drink which stimulate the production of hormones that boost the metabolic rate, and the hormone which reduces appetite – leptin. What’s more, these enzymes regulate the hunger hormone called ghrelin, helping you feel full for longer.

This was proven by one rat study where the animals were on a standard diet with the only difference of added agavins (natural sugars from the agave plant) in their water.

Soon, the researchers noticed the animals who drank the water with the agavins had lower blood sugar levels, reduced appetite, and ate less than before.

The real question here is how do agavins affect the human’s body differently from the other sweeteners.

As Mercedes G. López explains, our body easily processes high-fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners, converting them into storable fats. On the other hand, our body can’t break down the agavins, thus making no rise or change in the insulin and blood sugar levels.

Even though more research is needed to investigate and prove the agavins’ ability to help the process of losing weight and diabetes, it’s enough to change your opinion about tequila and its effects on your health.

The next time you see people drinking tequila shots don’t think they’ve made a bad health decision but join them to enjoy both, the drink and its health benefits.