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8 Reasons why every child should have a pet

Your child wants a pet, and you are reluctant? Read eight good reasons why every child should have a pet and – know that all this can be worth for you.

Psychologists believe that care about animals soothes and pleases the man, especially when it comes to dogs and cats which indeed show commitment to its owner At the same time, furry pets can be beneficial to health. The pets are also a great responsibility and when you buy it for your child, you must know that all care about the pet is yours. The child will, depending on the age, be able to assist in the care. Therefore, for example not obtain a dog if you do not have time for regularly walks or fish if you do not think to regularly change the water and to take care for the aquarium.

1. Responsibility

Children who have pets will develop a sense of responsibility and concern for others from an early age. Pets require constant care and are totally dependent on people who feed them, entertain them, and exercise with them. That is why care about a pet teaches a child empathy and compassion. With learning how to care for another being, a child will learn to take better care of himself. But I think that the parents are the ones who will have to show the child how to care for pets and transferred him his love of animals. What the child is younger, you’ll be taking the main care for the pet and the child will be able to help with simple things like giving pet food or water. What the child is older, it will be able to take care more about the pet. Of course, you will need to remind and encourage him in that because children often forget.

2. Confidence

Along with responsibility, with the pet, child brings confidence. When children are successful in caring about a pet, they are proud of themselves and they feel good. In this way, is increased their self-confidence.

3. Lower tendency to allergy and asthma

Many scientific studies show that children who grow up with pets are less likely to develop allergies and asthma. Exposed to dust from animal hair, children develop a stronger immune system and have even less chance of later developing severe allergies.

4. Exercise and game

With pets, especially dogs, it is necessary to train and play with them. If your child is big enough to independently walk the dog, that’s great, because that way your child will be moving more and be in the fresh air. In general, families that have a dog spend more time outdoors than those who do not have one, and the fresh air and walking are good for all family members.

5. Calmness

Pets can soothe children. Like adults, children are turning to pets when they are sad, angry or upset. Pets provide magical comfort, especially those hairy pets that you can cuddle. Their love is infinite.

6. The relief from stress

Together with calmness, pets can help us relax. Especially dogs have a therapeutic role in the family. But only cuddling a dog gives children a sense of security. Pets can listen you about everything because they do not interrupt the speech and do not give you unsolicited advice – simply are there for you when you need comfort. Even cats can soothe with their spinning and cuddling.

7. Improving reading skills

Your newly schoolboy has to practice reading? He would rather read to his pet than to an adult, who will have to constantly correct him. Reading will improve with further reading. The more a child reads, the better it will be. At the beginning it is best that the child reads aloud to sense itself  And who will patiently listen to him than, for example a dog or a rabbit?

8. Discipline

Growing up with a pet, the child can also learn discipline. If child have a dog, the child should learn the dog how to listen. It is scientifically proven that in this way a child generally learns the discipline and this way it develops better.

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