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The Shape Of Your Nose Tells A Ton About Your Personality! (See Details Inside)

No matter how weird it sounds, it is indeed true. The shape of a person’s nose tells a lot of their character. Professor Abraham Tamir from the Israeli Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has conducted a study on this topic, whose results were published by the Craniofacial Surgery Journal.

Here are eight different shapes of noses and their specific character features:

1. The Nubian Nose

The main characteristic of this nose form is its length. The wide point is pointing downwards while the bridge of the nose is almost straight. It is believed that people with this nose form are inquisitive, curious, optimistic, likeable, always trying to find a solution for every problem.

2. The Greek Nose

This nose shape comes from the antique Greek sculptures of people whose noses had this specific shape. Its narrow length and straightness are characteristic for this type of nose form.

Those with this nose are thought to be reserved, loyal, practical, and not preferring to be in the center of attention. They are considered as withdrawn as they hardly speak openly about their feelings.

3. The Hooknose

This nose form is usually associated to a bird’s beak, because it’s bent from the nose bone’s base to the tip of the nose. Those with this nose shape are considered to be self-sacrificing and creative. They defend their opinions with passion and aren’t afraid to take risks to achieve their goals.

4. The Arched Nose

This nose is curved from the nasal bone to the tip of the nose like the hooknose, but it distinguishes in the tip which is noticeably more pointed. Those with arched nose are perceived as resolute people who are good at organizational work and closely connected to their work.

5. The Button Nose

This nose shape is most popular since it is most inconspicuous. It’s very short and almost dainty. People with this nose form are said to be very spontaneous in their decisions and this characteristic of theirs often annoys others. They are determined, strong-minded, like to get down to business and almost always get what they want.

6. The Straight Nose

This nose shape distinguishes from the others by being straight and more flat. The tip is round and the nostrils are wide. Those with this nose shape are said to be very passionate, temperamental, and with strong character. They often get very angry if someone tries their patience.

7. The Concave Nose

The shape of this nose is characterized by a small arch on the nose bone and it generally looks somewhat petite. Those with this nose form are considered as generous people always ready to help those in need. These people easily get hurt or offended because of their sensible side.

8. The Crooked Nose

Although the name of the shape doesn’t imply this, but people with this nose are said to have a loving character. The tip of the nose is very rounded while the bridge stands out. They are very tuned into what they do, and are great friends and partners since they are good listeners. They appreciate being down-to-earth.