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This 3-Ingredient Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Is High In Potassium And Protein

Who doesn’t enjoy a piece of chocolate cake? It’s one of the most popular desserts around the world and it’s simply irresistible.

However, as delicious as it is, if you’re trying to stay in shape and keep those extra pounds at bay chocolate cake should be the last thing on your mind. It’s usually full of fat and sugars, decadent chocolate and a million calories.

If you’re an absolute fan of chocolate but you’re trying to steer clear of this decadent treat, this recipe may just be the perfect balance between satisfying your cravings and eating healthy.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

It’s best if you bake it in a muffin tray and freeze it to control the portions.

3-Ingredient Banana Chocolate Cake


    • 3 ripe bananas
    • 30g of pure cocoa powder
    • 140g peanut or almond butter


First preheat your oven to 175°C/355°F. Start by peeling the bananas and cutting them into small pieces. Take a large bowl and mash the bananas with a fork to get a banana puree Add the nut butter and mix until they’re combined. Next add the cocoa powder and with a hand blender mix all the ingredients until they’re combined. Grease a simple square baking pan or muffin tray with coconut oil. Pour the mixture in the pan and bake for 15-25 minutes or until the cake is done.

Health benefits of Ingredients

Bananas are loaded with potassium, which can significantly reduce the risk of stroke.  Moreover, they have a high fiber content which is excellent against inflammation in your bowels and can soak up bile to eliminate toxic waste from your digestive tract. The fibers are also beneficial against cardiovascular diseases because they eliminate the arterial plaque buildup.

Cocoa is rich in flavanols which can reverse memory decline by as much as 20 or even 30 years . Moreover, it has neuron-protective properties and can significantly improve your mood.  If this wasn’t enough, cocoa can also prevent and treat allergies, cancers, oxidative stress, inflammatory conditions, anxiety, hyperglycemia, and insulin resistance.

Last but not least, nuts are packed with healthy fats that make you feel full and satisfied to prevent over-indulging The high level of proteins they contain gives you an energy boost that keeps you going throughout the day. According to a Harvard study nuts are so healthy that regular nut eaters were less likely to die of cancer or heart disease — in fact, were less likely to die of any cause.”