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This Is What Happens If You Eat Ripe Bananas

Everyone loves bananas; they are delicious, nutritious and full of potassium. Have you ever wondered at what stage of maturity are they best to help with digestion and health in general?

These are the results of a health research conducted in Japan.

Fully ripe banana produces a substance TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) or tumor necrosis factor, which has the ability to fight against cells that behave abnormally.

As the banana ripens, develops dark dots per se. The more pixels there are, the more enriched cells that develop immunity.

At this stage of maturation, the bananas are good for digestion since the sugar in the bananas is then easily absorbed, as opposed to the less ripe bananas when they are difficult to digest because the starch has not yet been converted to sugar.

The proportion of anticancer effect corresponds with the level of maturity of the fruit. The more mature a banana is, the more has anti-cancer qualities it has.

In the research, compared with grapes, apples, watermelons, pineapples and pears, bananas contained most anticancer agents.

Long live our bananas!

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