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Want To Look Younger And To Live Longer? Make This Mixture!

This mixture is great for immunity, the liver, it acts great on the tan and it “smooth’s” wrinkles.

A lot of Tibetan doctors and specialists for East medicine were writing about this elixir of youth.

This mixture is among the ten best elixirs for taking care of the health and youth, and the recipe I a part that can’t be missed from all the parts for oriental recipes for improving the health situation.

If you stick to the rule to consume this elixir every day, during one month you will feel incredible power and strength.

Besides that, this mixture is great for the immunity, the liver, improves the tan and it smooth’s the wrinkles.

Except that with the consumption you will look fresh and younger, you will free yourself of sclerosis, inflammation and kidney infection forever.


  • 100 grams fresh lemon juice
  • 200 grams honey
  • 50 ml quality olive oil

You need to mix this mixture and to put it in a jar of glass. Keep it in a cold and dry area. This elixir is consumed every morning on an empty stomach. But, don’t exaggerate. For improving the health and for increasing the energy only one spoon is enough.

The elixir is consumed twice a year for one month, an ideal time except in fall is spring.

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