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What is a heated towel rail in the bathroom for?

Heated towel rail is a familiar part of the bathroom that we have been accustomed to since childhood. But most old coils are small. You can’t hang a lot of clothes on them; they also often look not very beautiful. So do you really need a heated towel rail in the bathroom? Or, maybe, during the next repair, you can simply dismantle the old device and forget about it forever?

Let’s understand the purpose and importance of the heated towel rail installed in the bathroom.

Functions of a heated towel rail in the bathroom

1. Drying towels and linen

Obviously, one of the main purposes of the heated towel rail is to dry the towels. This is a convenient additional detail on which it is convenient to hang small items – underwear, towels, socks, rags, for which there is not enough space on a regular battery.

2. Bathroom heating

Even such a small device as a coil can save in the cool season, when cold and damp reign throughout the apartment, including the bathroom. The dryer adds warmth to the room and helps things dry out faster.

For water heated towel rails operating from a hot water supply and heating system, there is one problem – downtime during periods of shutdown. If you prefer to regulate the operation of the dryer yourself, purchase an electrical product. Like water, they do a great job of heating. For spacious bathrooms, it is better to choose a large heated towel rail – usually electric heated towel rails – ladders, which, in addition to large sizes, differ in a larger number of crossbars than for coils.

3. Removing excess moisture

High humidity is a standard bathroom problem that is difficult to cope with just ventilation. With high humidity, mold and fungus occur on the walls, ceiling, in the joints between tiles. In such situations, you can not do without a heated towel rail.

As an additional means of heating, you can also use a warm floor, which will not only heat the bathroom, but also create a pleasant warmth underfoot, as well as quickly dry the surface.

Why do people most often buy electric towel warmers

Which heated towel rail to buy, of course you decide, but you also need to know the difference between electrically and a heated towel rail. So, a dryer is a necessary thing to ensure a normal microclimate in the bathroom. What is more convenient and efficient to use – is there an electric water heated towel rail?

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two models, we can say with confidence that the electric heated towel rail is more convenient to use, because:

  1. It is easy to mount;
  2. You can turn it on and off at any time;
  3. It does not flow and does not rust;
  4. It works even in the absence of hot water.

At the same time, an electric heated towel rail is significantly more expensive than its water counterpart. In addition, although it consumes a little electricity, it still consumes electricity, which is reflected in the total electricity bill. However, the most common cable model of a heated towel rail consumes no more energy than a conventional incandescent lamp.

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