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Why Too Much Protein is Harmful to Your Health

Protein helps your muscles being happy and growling your stomach after an hour of eating. You’ll get exposure to humming metabolism when you eat protein. Okay, these are pretty good things, happens to you but what if you overeat protein? Admittedly, the things occur, harm more than benefit. 

Before going to get through certain weird ways of its eating, let’s have a look at important evidence of consuming protein excessively.

In Australia, a well known female bodybuilder spotlighted, who has taken excessive protein supplements, evidenced death. This highlighted many questions that whether a high level of protein in one’s diet should control?

In the report of USA Today, one of the death causes of Hefford was a use of supplements for bodybuilding. She felt fatigued and weird, reported by her mother, later. Doctors discovered the cause in two days that she was suffering from urea cycle disorder.

Urea cycle functioning undertook ammonia and its excess quantity transformed in urea and excreted from the body. Only 1 out of 1,800 people suffer from urea cycle disorder, only when blood stream failed to clear ammonia. This accumulation catches brain results in dizziness, confusion, slurred speech and pre-conditions of the comma.

Foundation of National Urea Cycle put forwarded that this condition is equally likely for children as well as individuals.

Risks of High Protein Diet

Above story showed a relation in protein and urea cycle disorder that caused Meegan Hefford death.

During body metabolism process, some by-products, such as ammonia formed. Over consumption may lead to a deadly situation, as in the case of Hafford.

The situation varies, according to an individual’s bodily conditions. For instance, those with fluctuating liver conditions, chronic kidney disorders and phenyl-ketonuria should take care in protein intake.

Bodybuilders, breastfeeding women and pregnant women and patients recovering from surgery must monitor their intake.

It is worth to understand, what is the upper limit, a person should intake macronutrient? Fats, proteins and carbohydrate are called macros, and you must count your macros.

Take an easy approach, 1 kg = 2.2 pounds

Take your weight in kg and multiply to 0.8, for instance, a 200 pounds person must go for 75g protein/day

It is not okay that for a healthy person, this quantity should increase since it promotesweight loss, so it must not be confused with other macronutrients. High carb diet put pressure on filtration organ and capable of growing cancer chances.

Usually, it is healthy for health and people seeking fitness prefer it in macronutrients, as it builds muscles. Eating steaks or chugging shakes is not the only healthy way to eat it rather there are many other ways.

Animal based food and plants contain best available protein because it’s highly processed forms include sugars and flavors.

How to Identify Excessive Protein?

See these weird ways, how the body acts when you take too much protein.

Funky Breath is common when you’re on a high protein diet. This state is ketosis, i.e. peculiar stage in the keto diet. In this way, the body uses fat as energy, instead of carbohydrates. This produces small bodies called ketones that are responsible for this funky smelly breath. Brushing, flossing and rinsing sometimes make no difference.

The wrecking of kidneys occurs when byproduct is formed during metabolisms, such as nitrogen and ammonia. On an average diet, kidney pee out normal nitrogen, but in case of extra protein, kidney needs to work out more than normal and sometimes, it results from kidney damage.

Dive in mood is common and causes grunting in bodybuilders. That needs mood stimulating hormone, serotonin which comes from starch and carbohydrates. If you remove these items from your diet, you’ll feel cranks and creepy. It is reported in some studies that individuals who followed low-fat, high carb diet vs those who followed high-fat, low-carb diet shed the same amount of weight, but in case of high carb diet, people felt high crankiness. 

Gaining weight with high protein diet is common in the long term but you only lose weight in the short term. People work hard, eat egg whites and cut other food items, often end up in gaining weight. A long-term diet study evidenced those adults who went for high protein diet gained more weight as compared to others who took less protein stuff.

It is clear that sometimes high carb fueled efforts go in vain, and you end up feeling awful. Wise to approach healthy habits is fine, instead of focusing on a single thing too much that can cause weird results.

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