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You Got Stung By Jellyfish? This Is The Best First Aid In Such Situation!

Carefree swimming in the sea can be spoiled by a simple touch of a jellyfish. Fortunately, there is a simple cure!

Jellyfish live in marine waters, are shaped like a bell or umbrella. During summer months these sea creatures can often be found in the vicinity of swimmers who do not want to meet them because their touch can be pretty painful. The poison coming from jellyfish’s rays causes pain similar to burn and redness appears on the skin.

If you are touched by a jellyfish you ought to be calm and not to panic. Come out of the water and do not rub the sore spot in order not to rub the poison in your body. Wash the stung with sea water (not plain) in order to wash the ray(s) off of the skin. Do not remove the rays with bare hands and do not you dare rubbing the area with a cloth. Apply plain vinegar or lemon juice onto the affected area in order to soothe the blisters. If you do not have these ingredients at hand at the moment, your urine will also help you overcome this problem. All you need to do is urinate onto the affected area. Although the procedure will be uncomfortable for many, it will surely help you at the critical moment. What you must not do is put alcohol or fresh water onto the stung area because it will only complicate the situation.

Additional advices

Put and hold several ice cubes, wrapped in a cloth, on the burning area because it will reduce the swelling. Rinsing the area using saline solution can also be helpful because it will relieve pain and visible symptoms. Go to the pharmacy and ask for cream containing analgesic. If you are allergic or the symptoms simply do not go away even after a few hours, then seek immediate medical attention.

Personal experiences

The experiences of some who have experienced jellyfish burns may help you as well. A young man has helped himself by using an ordinary detergent. He repeated the procedure several times until the stinging stopped. The case of a girl who experienced touch by a jellyfish says that she helped herself using cilantro oil. The third example says applying a thin layer of honey, covered with gauze, is also highly effective. The procedure needs to be repeated until symptoms cease. Aloe Vera is yet another mean that can help you in such situation.

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