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10 Herbs for a total kidney cleansing

Modern life brings about a lot of good changes, making our lives more comfortable and easier. However, this improved lifestyle encompasses a lot of negative influences as well, ones that have a negative influence on our quality of life and damage our health sometimes even beyond repair.

The increased pollution, toxins in the environment, pesticides in our food and chemicals in the water supply all have a detrimental effect on our health, and damage our kidneys the most because they’re the ones that filter out all the toxins in our system. Maintaining the kidneys in top condition is vital for our overall health and these 10 herbs will help you do just that. Try consuming more of the following 10 super herbs and keep your kidneys healthy and cleansed!

The 10 Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing

  1.  Celery

Celery is an amazing herb with natural diuretic properties. It helps your body to flush out all the toxins through urine, stimulating more frequent urination. It’s rich in some essential nutrients which can boost kidney function and prevent the formation of kidney stones and infections.

  1.  Corn Silk

Corn silk is an excellent addition to your diet, especially if you suffer from frequent bladder infections, kidney stones and UTIs. It also has powerful diuretic properties and helps the kidneys flush out waste and excess water by stimulating urine production.

  1.  Dandelion Root

Studies suggest that dandelion acts as a diuretic in humans and increases urine production. The diuretic properties it possesses help cleanse both the kidneys and the liver as well as relieve water retention and soothe urinary system irritation.

  1.  Ginger

Ginger is all-around health beneficial so you can assume it’s good for the kidneys as well. It helps detox the kidneys by flushing out the harmful toxins and it also boosts digestion. Not only does it help the kidneys but it cleanses the liver too.

  1.  Horsetail

Here we have another strong diuretic which can increase urine output to flush harmful toxins out of the body. Horsetail’s powerful antioxidant properties are extremely beneficial for the kidneys and the entire renal system.

  1.  Marshmallow

Marshmallows’ diuretic properties stimulate better urine flow and protect the kidneys from toxins, promoting optimal health. Furthermore, it can help with kidney, urinary tract and bladder infections. Word of caution: pregnant and breastfeeding women or diabetic should avoid them.

  1.  Parsley

I believe everyone is familiar with the strong diabetic properties of parsley which are due to the compounds apiol and myristicin . This herb is one of the most effective for kidney cleansing. It promotes increased urine output to help flush bacteria and germs out of the kidneys. Steer clear of parsley if you are pregnant.

  1.  Stinging Nettle

Another powerful diuretic, the stinging nettle can help cleanse your kidneys. It stimulates urine production and aids in metabolic waste removal. The stinging nettle prevents crystals from turning into stones and fights off bacteria, lowering the risk of infections.

  1.  Turmeric

We have one more versatile herb, which can be used for a number of medical conditions. Among its many benefits we can list kidney cleansing as well. Aside from cleansing the kidneys, turmeric detoxifies the liver and purifies blood. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent tool against kidney infections, for both prevention and treatment.

  1.  Uva Ursi

Uva ursi owes its diuretic properties to a phenolic glycoside called arbutin. It helps fight kidney infections and the astringent nature of the herb encourage harmful toxins and bacteria to pass out of the kidneys. It also prevents the pH balance of urine from being too acidic.