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12 Health Benefits of Fuyu Persimmon

Fuyu persimmon from the genus diospyros is a combination of two names; Japanese “Fuyu”  and persimmon from Algonquian to mean dry fruit. The genus diospyros means ‘fruit of the gods’. There are two broad varieties of persimmon available in the market today, out of hundreds of varieties: the Fuyu and the hachiya. We are focusing on Fuyu persimmon and its health benefits.

Top 12 benefits from eating Fuyu Persimmon

Health Benefit 1: Low Calorie

With 70 calories per 100g of Fuyu persimmon, this fruit is low calories and rich in dietary fiber.

Health Benefit 2: Anti-inflammatory

Fuyu persimmon is endowed with anti-oxidants like catechin and gallocatechins and also betunulinic acid which are anti-inflammatory in nature. These substances aid in prevent bleeding from blood vessels (hemorrhage).

Health Benefit 3: Source of anti-oxidants

The anti-oxidants, vitamin A,beta-carotene,zea-xanthin,lycopene and so on in Fuyu persimmon help eradicate free radicals as well as reactive oxygen species(ROS) hence ward of a myriad diseases. The anti-oxidants also assist in slowing aging process.Notably; zea-xanthin improves vision and ward of macular degeneration disease especially in the old people.

Health Benefit 4: Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Fuyu persimmon contains vitamin C, an anti-oxidant which assists the body to fight off infectious diseases as well as free radical invasion. There are other vitamins such as B-complex, folate and thiamin. Minerals in Fuyu persimmon include manganese, copper, phosphrous and potassium. Manganese combines with enzyme superoxide dismutase to fight free radicals while copper is another co-factor with important body enzymes such as cytochrome.Copper is useful in red blood cells production.

Health Benefit 5: Dietary fiber

Fuyu persimmon is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers. The phenolic acids epicatechin, Gallic and p-coumaric in them are much higher than you would find in apples.

Health Benefit 6: Tannins

Fuyu persimmons contain anticarcinogenics and antimutagenic tannins both of which are crucial in safeguarding cells from oxidative damage. These tannins are anti-microbial play other important bodily functions such as blood clotting, blood pressure and so on.

Health Benefit 7: Anti-diarrhea, Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Fuyu Persimmon treats a myriad of diseases such as diarrhea, constipation and hemorrhoids. The sugar in its raw form eases bowel movement while the tannin in thee cooked treats diarrhea. It also relieves hemorrhoids in its cooked form.

Health Benefit 8: Weight Loss

Pectin, the substance in Fuyu persimmon for checking on appetite assists in regulating weight. Being a fiber, pectin aids in preventing surge in blood sugar as well as undue craving for sugary foods.

Health Benefit 9: Cold and Flu

Owing to its rich source of vitamin C, Fuyu persimmon assists in combating cold and flu among a myriad of infections as well as inflammation.

Health Benefit 10: Diuretic Fruit

Thanks to the high amounts of potassium and calcium.fuyu persimmon relieves the problem of water retention in the body. It is thus considered an ideal diuretic fruit and a perfect substitute to diuretic drugs.

Health Benefit 11: Detoxifier

Persimmon contains anti-oxidants which eliminate harmful substances in the body through detoxification. It also aids in neutralizing the effects of free radicals.

Health Benefit 12: Energy Booster

Fuyu persimmon strengthens the body owing to its high sugar content and potassium, warding off stress, tiredness and fatigue. Its juice is useful in lowering tension as well.