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15 Health Benefits Of Jackfruit

I`m sure you have heard the saying “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. But not only is the apple a fruit with nutritional value. There are many different fruits which are very helpful. This is about the benefits of jackfruit. Jackfruit belongs to the mulberry family. You can eat it no matter if its ripe or unripe. It has vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, potassium, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin etc. Eating jackfruit is different. If you want to eat it unripe you need to cook it in a delicious way. If you mix accurate specific spices, it will taste like mutton. If you eat it unripe you can eat it directly or make jam, jelly, candies, cakes etc. Fried seeds from jackfruit can be eaten too as snacks.

Here are some benefit for health of Jackfruit:

1. Strong immunity. It is rich with vitamin C protecting you from bacteria, infections by rising and helping the function of white blood cells.

2. Cancer protection. Jackfruit contains phytonutrients like lignas, saponins and isoflavones. These specific characteristics of the jackfruit are very important against cancer because of their anti cancer and anti aging ingredients.

3. Help your digestion. It also has anti ulcer property preventing digestive difficulties. Jackfruit helps constipation as well. Just eat it and heal you bowel.

4. Boost your energy. Jackfruit contains fructose and sucrose which gives the body enough energy without disturbing the sugar level in the system.

5. Lower your BP. Its rich amount of potassium keeps your blood pressure normal and decreases the possibility of heart attack and stroke.

6. Asthma under control. There are some researches that show if you boil the jackfruit root and its extract you can diminish your asthma problems. You just need to try and see.

7. Preventing anemia. Jackfruit can help your anemia problem. Usually this problem occurs among woman, but men are not excluded. If you consume jackfruit it can help the blood circulation and cure the problem with anemia.

8. Thyroid will not cause any more problems. Thyroid needs copper and jackfruit is a rich source of it keeping the thyroid in good condition producing the hormone needed. Just try this jackfruit and don’t reach for the medications.

9. Stronger bones. We all know what our bones need. Calcium. Jackfruit has magnesium that helps absorbing calcium. This, reinforces the bones and prevent osteoporosis and arthritis. Try jackfruit for low bone density problems.

10. Stop the aging and help your skin. Jackfruit , like we mentioned before is rich in antioxidants. So the antioxidants will help slow down the aging, and the water in jackfruit will keep your skin moisturized. Helps against getting wrinkles.

11. Health for your vision. Vitamin A that is found in the jackfruit keep your eyes strong and powerful, protecting them from the UV rays preventing cataracts.

12. Prevent Colon cancer and piles.  The chance of colon cancer can be reduced with antioxidants. The fibers found in the jackfruit prevent constipation and the symptoms of piles.

13. Great for pregnant woman. Vitamin B ( niacin) helps pregnant woman and those who are breastfeeding, controlling the hormones and increasing the immune system. This Vitamin can be found in the jackfruit.

14. Use the jackfruit seeds as well. If you grind the jackfruit seeds and mix them with honey and milk, you can make a face mask. Apply it and leave it on for about half an hour, then rinse it with water. After regular use, you will notice that your wrinkles are reduced.

15. More benefits. Eat dried seeds like snacks, unripe jackfruit is great for different curries recipes. They are rich in starch, protein and minerals.