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A Chinese Plant Found That Kills Cancer after 40 Days

Scientists gave proved that this unusual plant with a strange name is an effective cancer killer. This plant was tested on mice affected from pancreatic cancer, and within 40 days the cancer was suppressed from the mice.

The next step for these scientists is gaining money for new researches on human subjects. This plant was used in the Chinese medicine for a long time for treating diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. It is known as a “thunder god vine” or lei gong teng.

A research made in the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center proved that this plant eliminates cancer within 40 days, even when the therapy is stopped. You can read more for the research of this amazing grass in the Science Translational Medicine magazine.

According to the scientists, the main and most powerful ingredient of this plant is triptoide, which is considered as a powerful anti-cancer ingredient.

The scientists are stating that the cure for cancer can be found in the herbs which are used for centuries. Same as ginger, this new discovery is compared with the expensive drugs. It is strange that the companies have no interest in researching them.

This plant is very inexpensive, yet some scientists who are included in the research are intending to create a cure drug with this plant which will be acknowledged by the FDA, and then they would patent and sell it for a big amount of money.