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Acne Scars are Harmful: Get Flawless Beauty

You’re special, and your face doesn’t deserve acne scars. As much as you want to get rid of pimples, your face considers them in the form of blemishes or scars.  They are of different shapes, colors, sizes and nature. Everyone dislikes them and wants smooth, flawless skin as quickly as possible.

If you’ve come across acne, you may have scarring, i.e. unpleasant spots or blemishes over the skin surface. Women make massive efforts to make them less noticeable, use creams, treatments and lotions. A dermatologist can guide you in a better way, nature of the problem, what to avoid and what to go for?

Acne Scars Types:

Everyone has the different type of skin, depending on skin and body conditions, scars appear.

For your ease, we divided it into following main categories:

  • Shallow scars: They are sharp, with apparent edges and deep and known as boxcar
  • Small scars: They appear petite, small and less deep and known as ice pick
  • Wavy scars: These scars tend to be broad, give a wavy look and appear due to internal damage, usually symbolized as rolling
  • Keloid scars: They appeared reddish and elevated on the skin
  • Hyperpigmentation: It is the discoloration of skin, an inflammation related to acne and dark spots appear on the skin

Acne Scars Treatment:

If any scar appears on your skin, you need more than one kind of treatment. As treatment vary, concerning scar and to smooth the skin. In case of intense inflammation, most of the treatment is done as an outpatient process at health care institutes.

Surfacing of Skin:

In this way, damaged skin is treated so that a healthy skin appears on that surface and doctor do it by different ways:

Laser is helpful in creating even skin on the damaged area

Chemical Peel is a kind of acid that helps to remove upper layer of the skin and can treat deep scars

Fillers treat skin by filling some fat or collagen into the damaged area. This helps scar to puff up, and damaged area smoothens down. This process needs repetition because skin absorbs it slowly

Needling is covering up of skin with tiny needles, help epidermal tissues to be stimulated and grow

Dermabrasion can remove damaged or infected skin; it is a spinning wheel

Surgery is the last method to get flawless skin by getting rid of acne scars or severe cysts. Dermatologist cut the scary skin, and skin grafting is used (other area’s skin is used)

After resurfacing, new skin appears within 7 to 10 days, and the subjected skin stays pink for few months.

Acquire Knowledge:

People need to understand the type of acne before going for its treatment. In the first week of treating mild to moderate acne, when treated, show different signs, such as irritated, mild red and itching appear, as skin adjusts to the treatment.

The second week accompanies more clearing skin, less itching, less red and irritated. In the 3rd week of treatment, mild acne scars cleared up, and improvement process goes on. By the 4th week, you feel that there is a good level of growth and skin is clear, yet old acne contains red spots, still. By the 5th to 8th week, you’ll feel bright, clean, flawless skin, with no acne scars and fading red spots.

What to Remember?

Whatever treatment you will pursue, be sure to ask some questions to your doctor:

Before going for the appointment, make a list and bring it with you.

For instance, you may want to pose:

  • What type of my acne scars are?
  • What treatment am I going to follow?
  • Will it be painful?
  • When will I get the improvement?
  • How many sessions will be there?
  • What are precautions to surgery?
  • What is the cost per session?

Nature is Helpful:

Acne scars are embarrassing both physically and emotionally. They don’t go smoothly and suck. If you’re not inclined to go out to the dermatologist and want some natural remedy, it is a plus point. Why go to expensive treatments if you have its solution by doing it yourself?

Try out aloe vera; it is a famous, useful and priceless beauty herb that has known benefits for skin, hair and beauty.  This herb is healing positively and has no substitute. Outstanding beauty products use aloe vera extract to offer great results and to get suppleness of skin. Aloe vera acts as best skin moisturizer, infection removal, acne scars removal, providing flawless beauty with no side effects.

Ty out turmeric, an ancient beauty product and spice used in many dishes in China and Asia, it helps reducing inflammation, and giving bright even skin tone and can reduce pigmentation.  Lots of beauty creams and lotions use turmeric in their formula to enhance beauty benefits.

It cures damaged skin, reduces facial hair and heals scars or bruises on the skin. Rough skin and psoriasis are also quickly recovered by turmeric. Simply use its powder in honey, lemon juice or yogurt to avail its advantages. You can reduce skin acne breakouts and inflammation with it.

Try out sunscreen protection. Skin care worth when protected from ultraviolet rays. A stubborn dark spots condition, hyperpigmentation, occurs due to prolonged sun exposure. The tan skin emerges unpleasant, and when this damaged skin filled up with melanin, it becomes uglier and appears as acne scars.

Natural juices and fruits yield hydrated skin and fulfill any deficiency in skin reducing elasticity.  It is always prudent to go for natural treatment that has no side effect rather going for expensive beauty treatments. Herbs, water and fruits appear to produce the best result for healthy skin. Your skin needs daily cleansing with the best cleanser before going to bed to remove all the impurities that may clog skin pores.