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Apple Seeds and Cancer: This is What the Government Has Been Hiding from Us for Years

You might think why would anyone eat apple seeds, apricot seeds, or cherry seeds when they contain cyanide? Well, yes, they do contain this controversial chemical compound, but according to a latest research, these seeds might be the cure for cancer we have been all waiting for.

The amount of cyanide needed to poison a person is a lot more than that contained in seeds. So, it seems researchers should turn their focus on the seeds’ cancer-fighting properties.

More exactly, they should focus their research on the compound that contains cyanide – amygdalin. One new Australian anecdotal evidence suggests that consuming apricot seeds in large amounts every day for months, can help eliminate cancer.

So far, we know that amygdalin has 4 molecules: 1 cyanide, 2 glucone, and 1 benzaldyhide. What happens in case of cancer, is that cancer cells want the glucose, so they attract the amygdalin compounds. But, the other two molecules, benzaldyhide and cyanide, end up destroying these cancer cells.

In other words, glucose is the sugar bait for which cancer cells attract the compounds of amygdalin. But, they are whacked once they metabolize those compounds which free cyanide and benzalldyhide. Cancer cells contain beta-glucosidase – an enzyme not found in normal cells which unlocks the amygdalin compound. This enables releasing of  the deadly toxins within the cancerous cells.

Healthy cells don’t metabolize amygdalin, only the cancer cells. Most healthy cells contain rhodanese – another enzyme which bounds cyanide to sulfur molecules, forming harmless cyanates which are flushed out in the urine.

These seeds won’t be banned as long as not promoted as a cancer cure. Even though more research is required before this is considered as a valid cancer treatment, it surely is an exciting news. Still, make sure you avoid sugar if you are trying to treat cancer with any method, as cancer cells feed on sugar.