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Daily Dose Of Iron In A Drink!

Iron is really important mineral in your blood, so its absence will bring a variety of health problems. To prevent this, consume the following healthy drink made ​​from different types of vegetables and fruits.

Here is what you need:

Beets contain phytochemicals that promote detoxification in your body and speed up the discharge of harmful substances from the body. Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant can also be found in beets.

As a source of iron, beets helps anemia and restores and cleans the blood. In this process, a small amount of cobalt contributes as well, which participates in the formation of vitamin B12, which is necessary for the creation of red blood cells.

Apples – This drink will give the required dose of water and sugar that will satisfy your appetites for sweets with its fructose, but it will not make a change in the concentration of glucose in your blood.

The carrots will satisfy all of your daily needs for vitamin A, plus, it contains a special fiber, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. This vegetable increases the number of red blood cells and positive effect on the work of the liver.

Kale contains high amounts of vitamin K, which is a huge factor for blood clotting. It also has vitamin C, which remains in great quantity even after cooking and accelerates antioxidant effect of vitamin E that is enhances the absorption of iron.

Broccoli is one of the healthiest foods in the world due to the huge number of healthy ingredients in it. Lutein, dietary fiber, B vitamins and folic acid, all of them are important for maintaining the normal amount of cholesterol in the blood, preventing heart disease and strokes by improving the health of the arteries.

For a healthy body little bit of fresh broccoli is recommended daily.


  • 1 beets
  • 1 apple
  • 2 carrots
  • Half cup of broccoli
  • 2 kale leaves


  1. Wash the fresh groceries nicely in water. Chop the beets, the apple and the carrots into thin slices.
  2. Next, chop the broccoli and kale leaves into small pieces.
  3. Mix all ingredients in a blender until you get a nice, thick paste.
  4. Add a little lemon and a the special drink for your body to supply the required daily amount of iron is ready.

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