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Energy Provider Drink

In order to make fresh start for this year and achieve all planned goals, start consuming this extremely healthy drink and in several days you will be able to tell the difference. To be efficient at work, to start thinking with clear thoughts thus providing your body with healthy drinks, healthy diet supported with healthy drinks and physical exercise are inevitable.

What is very important is that, preparing this drink will take you less than ten minutes before you head to your office, yet the body and the cells inside would be grateful. This pure natural drink can completely wipe out all the chemical garbage that is being marketed on television, because those energy drinks are rich with carbs and sugar which is extremely unhealthy.

In order to prepare this energy provider drink, you need:

– 1 liter fresh still water
– 200g cucumber
– One orange
– One kiwi
– 30g chia seeds
– One cinnamon stick

Peel the cucumber and cut it into small cubes. Add them into the blender. Squeeze the orange and add the juice into the blender along with the cucumber. Peel and chop the kiwi like the cucumber and put it into the blender where other ingredients are. Add the chia seed. Turn the blender on and blend for 5 minutes in order to get one smooth mixture. When this is ready, add the cinnamon stick and let it be there for at least 15 before you drink it.

It is not obligatory to drink this potion all at once. You can consume it during your working hours and undoubtedly it will increase your performance and boost you with a huge splash of energy.

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