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Yohimbe bark tea increases sexual desire & reduces hypertension

Yohimbe is not so popular type of herb. Yohimbe has many benefits for health such as improve mood, aid in weight loss, boost sexual energy, protect heart health and it has ability to improve the circulation. This is the name of tree which is found in Central Africa and the scientific name of it is Pausinystalia johimbe.

The reason why this tree is popular in many parts of the world is that a very powerful chemical is found in the bark of this specie of tree. This chemical is known as yohimbine. This chemical has been approved by international drug agencies for many health issues. This chemical has a powerful effect on your system. Yohimbe has many traditional uses. The bark of the yohimbe is used naturally as an aphrodisiac. This tree is found in the West African countries. You should be sure that you always a yohimbe tree extract or anything claiming to contain yohimbine from health food store or a certified herbal practitioner.

It has many benefits but you should be sure that you always take the proper dosage because when you consume too much yohimbine, then this can be dangerous for your health. It is dangerous to combine this herb with other medications because it can have side effects on the blood pressure and hormone levels. If you combine this herb with other vasodilator, then you can suffer from many side effects.

People who have taken this herb in large doses have reported a range of symptoms. These symptoms vary from nausea and lightheadedness to increased blood pressure and frequent urination. Never add this herb in your diet if you have not previously talked with your doctor.

Helpful properties of yohimbe

Sexual health: Man, who suffers from symptoms of impotence, can be very embarrassed and it is complicated situation for him. When you take yohimbe extract, then there is increase in circulation which can also affect the flow of blood to the genitals which can also help you to treat the erectile dysfunction, boost libido and increase fertility. If your sex life has been suffering as of late, then you can try yohimbe as your natural treatment after you have talked with your doctor. Pharmaceutical aphrodisiacs can have many side effects and yohimbe is not excluded from it.

Hypertension: When you have a relief from of the tension in your blood vessels and arteries, then this can make many wonders in your overall cardiovascular health. We know that our heart has to work extra hard to pump blood through tight, constricting our blood vessels which is causing a rise in the blood pressure. This can be one of the biggest causes for heart attacks and strokes as constricted blood vessels are more likely to become blocked. When you add yohimbine in your diet in some way, then this can improve your overall heart health and also this will prevent acceleration of coronary heart disease.

Circulation improvement: If you have a sluggish circulatory system which may be evidence of cognitive cloudiness, slow healing rates and low energy levels, then you may need some vasodilator. When we improve the blood flow through our system, then we will receive additional oxygen and necessary nutrients to the organ systems and cells. You can improve healing, boost energy levels and improve cognition if you add an appropriate amount of yohimbine extract to your herbal supplement regimen.

Weight loss: One of the most common reasons why yohimbe is used by many people is the ability to help in weight loss. People who frequently work out can have some problem spots on their bodies, namely where the fat is stubborn and they simply will not go away no matter how hard they work. Yohimbe is capable of blocking certain adrenoreceptors in your body which allows for higher norepinepherine levels in your body. Norepinepherine does not allow for fat mobilizing to take effect which leads to additional fat break down in those difficult areas of your body. These effects on your hormone levels should be monitored carefully. This is a reason why you should speak with a medical professional before you add yohimbe to your workout regimen.