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Green Splash of Joy Smoothie

The green color is well known to do benefits to all living organisms. Since all plants are grateful to it, humans are thankful as well due to the enormous amount of fiber, iron, vitamins and minerals. Other benefits of this smoothie is that it cleanses the whole digestive system, gives radiance to the skin, provides energy, strengthens the blood system, cleans the colon, strengthens nails and bones, as well as gives energy to the body.

The unique formula of carefully selected ingredients gives the galore of benefits for the body and the mind as well. Consuming this smoothie for one week will tell the difference immediately by improving the working performance, building up clear thoughts and providing enough energy for the whole week.

What is necessary for this green splash of joy smoothie:

– 200 grams fresh organic spinach
– 50g broccoli
– 1 lime, 1 kiwi
– 500 grams fresh still water
– Very small amount of freshly grated ginger

Wash thoroughly the spinach under strong splash of water in order to remove the mud and other dirt. Then, chop the spinach into small pieces and put them into the blender. Peel and chop into small cubes the kiwi and add it to the spinach. Squeeze the lime manually on a plastic juicer and add the juice into the blender. Pour the 500 grams of fresh still water into the blender and before you close it, grind a little bit of ginger just enough to give spicy and minty taste. Turn the blender on for 5 minutes in order to get one compact mixture.

When the smoothie is done, pour it into one glass and take one part of it before you go to work, just to start the day with healthy splash of green energy.