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Impressive Benefit for Health of Ackee

Ackee is a fruit which is not famous. Mostly of us hear it for the first time. It is native to many nations in West Africa. It has been used in the Caribbean cuisine for long period. It has special flavor and also many health benefits. Many years this fruit has not been used in the world except in Jamaica. It is delicious fruit which is added in the exotic dishes. This fruits looks like a pear. In the beginning is green. Then, it changes the color from yellow, orange and reddish in which is the most known. It can split and then you see the black seeds. These seeds are surrounded by an aril which is a spongy flesh.

This is the part of the fruit which we can eat. In the Caribbean Island this fruit can be easily found in every market. This is traditional fruit in Jamaica. Nowadays it is spread all around the world. Before the ackee is ripened you should not eat it because it is highly toxic in this condition.

You should not consume this fruit until it opens in natural way. When is open naturally, then you will know that you can eat it. In some cases this fruit can lead to “Jamaican vomiting sickness” and also there are cases in which this fruit leads to coma and death. This is a reason why you must talk with your doctor before you start using this kind of fruit in your diet. Benefits for Health and Body of ackee:

Here are some benefit for health of ackee:

Diabetes control: 

This fruit is rich with complex and energy producing carbs. They can regulate the sugar levels in our body. When you consume simple sugars, then you can get spike and dips in your glucose levels. When you consume ackee, then you can prevent this process which means that you can prevent the appearing of diabetes type 2. Also this fruit has high amount of fiber which means that the insulin and glucose levels in your body will be regulated.

Bone strength: 

It has high amounts of zinc, iron, calcium and phosphorous. These elements can help you to have healthy bones. This can help you to prevent the demineralization and bone loss as we are growing older. Also when we consume high amounts of minerals, then this can help us to have strong bones and to prevent ourselves from osteoporosis.


When people do not have enough amount of iron in their bodies, then they have anemia. This fruit can help you to reduce the negative effects of anemia such as cognitive disorders, weakness, digestive distress and lightheadedness. Hemoglobin has iron. This element is important for the production of the red blood cells.

Immune effects: 

This kind of fruit has high amounts of Vitamin C. This vitamin can boost our immune system. It can prevent our body from chronic diseases which are caused by the free radicals in the most cases. They also can help in the development of the white blood cells. Also we know that the Vitamin C has major role in the production of collagen which is vital for the body to make tissues, blood vessels and muscles.

Protein power: 

One of the most important elements for our body is the protein. It is very important to consume ackee because in this way we will get enough protein. This element is vital for the building of the muscle tissues and block of cells. Also it can help to replenish other parts of our body. This fruit has high amounts of protein which are not known for most of us.

Heart health: 

This kind of fruit has fatty acids such as palmitic acid, linoleic acid and stearic acid. They are unsaturated fats. They can help us to have healthy heart. It will make them strong. Also they can lower the levels of the bad cholesterol in our body. This can help us to be protected from coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

Blood pressure: 

It has high amounts of potassium. This means that ackee will help you if you suffer from high blood pressure. It can lower the chances of getting atherosclerosis because this element acts like a vasodilator.

Digestive issues: 

It has high amounts of fiber which can eliminate the constipation, bulk up the stool and to include the peristaltic motion in your gut. Ackee can help food to move normally.

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