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Use Kumquats to Boost Your Metabolism, Reduce Inflammation, and Improve Vision

Although Kumquats is a Chinese citrus fruit somehow is it manage to end up in kitchens all over the world thanks to the many health benefits this fruit has to offer.

This fruit has a shape like the olive and is relatively small in since ½ inch. It tastes like citrus, and you can consume it on its own or add it to your regular diet.

Ways to Eat Kumquats

You can add it to ice cream, salads, made it into syrups, preserves, in juice, pies, and cakes. Also, you can use it in combination with meats like savory meats.

Another alternative is to soak it in sugar and brandy, and this is really delicious. It can also serve as an innovative gift.

Kumquats and Its Benefits

The great thing about kumquats is that they are low in calories. In fact, eight kumquats have around 100 calories.

They are full of minerals like zinc, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, and selenium. Also, they have antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins.

The same as the green tea kumquats have polyphenols and also beta carotenes which are good for the immunity. In addition, this fruit has luteins and zeaxanthines which are good for the health of your eyes.

They have fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 3. That is beneficial for your cardiovascular health and can also prevent strokes.

The kumquats have a lot of vitamins like E, A, B’s and C. These vitamins can help you to stay safe from degenerative diseases. In fact, you can obtain the dietary needs of vitamin C on a daily basis just by eating 200 grams of Kumquats.

With the consumption of this fruit, you can boost your energy and metabolism, and can also help you to stay positive and away from depression thanks to its rich content of different vitamin B.

Furthermore, the kumquats can help to expedite the healing of wounds. It can also help to prevent and even reduce the severity of flues and colds.

Thanks to the antioxidants it can lower the risk of hard arteries and can help to reduce arthritis and inflammation.

Believe it or not, by you can obtain more proteins with kumquats than with one handful of nuts.

The kumquats can help to lower the triglycerides and your cholesterol as well. It can help in case of diabetes and might help to improve the function of the respiratory system.