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Eating of Kohlrabi is Beneficial to Health

Incredible wholesome properties of Kohlrabi

How many of you really know about kohlrabi? Or even about kohlrabi Benefits or side effects? Many people eat kohlrabi and do not even know about its properties for our body. Here you can get all the information about kohlrabi.

Kohlrabi has many health benefits such as assists in protecting muscle and nerve function, improve vision health, strengthen bones, increase circulation, regulate the metabolism, boost the immune system, protect against cancer, help you lose weight and it can improve your digestive processes. Kohlrabi is a hardy and annual vegetable. This vegetable is primarily consumed in Germanic countries. But also it has become a vegetable staple in northern India.

This is actually a cultivar of cabbage and it was specifically bred as a hardier version of cruciferous vegetables and often it cannot grow in as harsh of conditions. This is small bulbous vegetable which is encased in two harder shells of leaves and they typically do not soften when they are cooked. You can eat this vegetable in raw or cooked form. Kohlrabi has been a staple of German cuisine for hundreds of years.

You can use the leaves and root of this vegetable because both have significant amounts of nutrients. There are rare cases when this vegetable is causing a food allergy but this vegetable is not known source of any known allergens. Most people can eat it without worries.

Benefits of Kohlrabi: Healthy properties

Cancer prevention: 

Kohlrabi has high levels of phytochemicals, particularly glucosinolates which are one of the most important antioxidant components that can prevent you from cancer such as prostate and breast cancer.


People who want to regulate their metabolism or those who feel that something in their body is not working properly, then they should add kohlrabi in their diets because it is rich source of B – Vitamins that play important roles in many enzymatic processes within your body. The vital network of reaction and processes determines how efficient and functional our bodies are. This is a reason why we should add foods that are rich in Vitamin B in our weekly diet.

Vision health: 

It is very important to keep the health of our eyes. Vitamin A is the most important vitamin for vision health. Kohlrabi has high amounts of carotenes in which is included beta – carotene. This element acts as antioxidant component in the body, particularly in the ocular area. Vitamin A can help you to prevent macular degeneration and also it can slow down or eliminate the appearance of cataracts. This vitamin is neutralizing the free radicals in your eyes and also it prevents the oxidative stress.

Bone strength: 

As we get older, we know that our bones are getting weaker. One of the best ways to avoid of significantly slow down this process is to eat foods that are rich in minerals such as kohlrabi. This vegetable is rich in calcium, iron and manganese. We can prevent osteoporosis when we are young so this is a reason why we should keep the calcium levels high.

Iron deficiency: 

Kohlrabi has high amounts of iron which go hand – in – hand with the potassium content. Iron can help you to increase the red blood cells in your body which are important for preventing anemia. This disease is characterized by disorientation, stomach disorders, headaches, fatigue, weakness and general immune system failure. Kohlrabi also has calcium which can improve the uptake of iron by your body. Kohlrabi is booster for your cardiovascular and immune systems.

Blood pressure: 

Kohlrabi has potassium which acts as vasodilator. It can reduce the strain on your cardiovascular system by easing the tension of arteries and blood vessels. This can lower the risk of cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes, oxygenating key areas and increase the circulation throughout your body. Potassium is also the key part of fluid regulation in your body because it works with sodium to regulate fluid movement between cells.

Nerve and muscle function: 

Kohlrabi has potassium which is the key player in nerve and muscle behavior in the body. It can help you to function, react, breath and move every day. This is a reason why you should add kohlrabi in your diet. It will help you to be energetic, alert and in a good shape.

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