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Surprising Health Benefits of Red cabbage

Red cabbage is delicious and nutritious vegetable which has become one of the most popular vegetables in the world. It has many healthy benefits. Cabbage can help you to improve the health of your eyes and skin, reduce the chances of cancer, prevention of premature aging, prevents diabetes, treat ulcers, helps to build stronger bones, helps in weight loss, improves heart health, slows down the onset of Alzheimer’s, detoxifies the body  and boosts the immune system. It will give delicious flavor to your dishes.

This vegetable is also known as purple cabbage. You can find cabbage in America, Northern Europe and some parts of China. The side effects of this vegetable are not known. If some individual suffers from hypothyroidism, then he or she should not use red cabbage in your dishes. If you are pregnant, then you should not eat cabbage because your baby can develop colic. This is a reason why doctors are not recommending the red cabbage as part of your dishes. You can use it in many forms but mostly raw and cooked forms are used. It is used as pH indicator because the color is changing. Benefits for Health and Body of cabbage:

Health benefits of red cabbage

Alzheimer’s disease: 

When we are old, then we have increased chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. There are many studies about this topic. In them people are trying to find the perfect natural remedy for this disease. Red cabbage is one of them. It is protecting the cognitive function in our body. When there is a formation of plaque in people, then they are losing their cognitive functions. This vegetable has anthocyanins which is protecting you from plaque formation which means that you have effective protection against this disease.

Bone mineral density: 

It has some essential minerals which are in a high amount. This makes the red cabbage perfect natural remedy for bone development and growth. It has high amounts of manganese, calcium and magnesium. They are protecting against arthritis, osteoporosis and other types of inflammations.

Immune system booster: 

It has many vitamins including the Vitamin C. It is powerful antioxidant which is improving our immune system. You should use red cabbage in your diet because it is stimulating the white blood cells which are the vital part of our immune system. Also it is taking part of collagen formation which means that our cells and bodies are connected in proper way.

Eye health: 

The red cabbage is rich with Vitamin A. This is important vitamin for your eyes and skin. You should add red cabbage in your diet, because your eyes will have normal health. Also it protects you from cataracts and macular degeneration which happens when we are old. Vitamin A which is part of the red cabbage is transferred in beta carotene when we eat this vegetable. In this case we can have healthy eyes no matter how old we are.


Glutamine which is amino acid is part of the red cabbage. When you have pain which is caused from ulcers in your gastrointestinal system, then you should use red cabbage as your natural remedy because it will reduce the pain and inflammation. The red cabbage juice is recommended if you have ulcers. It can help you a lot.

Premature aging: 

You should consume red cabbage because you can look very young no matter what is your age. It has antioxidant components which can help you to rid of the free radicals which are causing serious diseases. Also they are making you to look older which means you should add red cabbage in your diet. You can reduce the age spots and wrinkles from your face when you use red cabbage. Your skin is flexible, fresh and tight when the red cabbage is part of your every day meals. We have said that this vegetable has high amounts of Vitamin A. It can give you healthy skin. Your skin is elastic and protected from the UV sunlight. Also this vitamin is important for the regrowth of the skin cells.

Weight loss aid: 

It has many vitamins and minerals. It is rich with dietary fiber. This means that you are feeling full. You do not have to add extra calories in your diet. Red cabbage is perfect natural remedy for people who have weight problems.