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Surprising Health Benefits of Monk fruit

Monk fruit has many benefits such as prevents signs of aging, prevent allergies, protect the heart, prevent certain types of cancer, eliminate fever, lower inflammation, help with weight loss and it has ability to treat diabetes. This fruit is also known as longevity fruit, Buddha fruit or luo han guo. This is a very powerful fruit and its name is Siraitia grosvenoori. This fruit can be easily found in Thailand and also in some parts of China.

It has been added in foods as food additive because it is artificial sweetener and also it has many medicinal uses. It has high amounts of glucose and fructose which is making it very sweet and it is sweeter than sugar. It has many antioxidants and vitamins which are very important for our health. You should talk with your herbalist before you start using this fruit in your diet. Even there are not reported side effects from this fruit, you should eat it carefully. It has anti – allergenic properties and there are some cases when people are affected by these properties.

Benefits for Health and Body of Monk fruit


The monk fruit is used as cooling agent in many medicinal preparations and various drinks in the Chinese herbal medicine. If you suffer from heart stroke, inflammation of the joints or a fever, then you should use monk fruit as your natural remedy because it has anti – inflammatory properties. You can mix the juice from monk fruit with water or you can consume it directly.

Cancer prevention: 

This fruit can neutralize the side effects of the free radicals. The antioxidant components in the monk fruit will protect you against the skin cancer. It has natural sugars which will not increase your chances of getting cancer.

Immune system booster: 

Monk fruit has high amounts of Vitamin C. This is one of the best vitamins which are important for our health. It can stimulate the production of the red blood cells in our bodies. Also it can help in the production of the collagen which is needed component in the production of the blood vessels, muscle tissues and the creation of the cells. The mogrosides are special glycosides which are found in this fruit. They can help in the prevention against many viral infections such as the Epstein Barr virus.

Weight gain:

If you consume sugar in high amounts, then you have increased chances be obese. Many people cannot stay on diet because they are exhausting. But they can add monk fruit in their diets. They will not be starving and they will full all the time. What is more important is that they will not gain weight which means that they have achieved their target.


One of the most dangerous and widespread disease is the diabetes. When we suffer from this disease, then our bodies cannot regulate the insulin and glucose levels in our bloodstreams. If you consume normal sugar and you suffer from diabetes, then this will cause side effects in your body. But if you consume monk fruit, then you will not have any kind of fluctuations in your blood sugar which means that you have effective natural treatment for this disease. Also when you add monk fruit in your diet, then you can reduce your chances of getting diabetes.

Heart health: 

This fruit has some components which can prevent the cholesterol from oxidizing. This is happening before your cholesterol is building up in your plaque within the blood vessels and arteries. This fruit can help you to lower the risk of getting strokes and heart attacks. Also it can help you in the prevention of the development of atherosclerosis.

Anti – aging: 

There are some statics about this fruit in the areas where it grows naturally. In these studies is shown that people in those areas live longer which means that in those places there are a much higher number of people compared to average number of people in those areas. It has anti – oxidant properties that can help you to live longer. Also you will feel healthy after eating monk fruit because your body will stay protected from the diseases that are happening as we are growing older.