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Impressive Health Benefits of Tamarind

Wholesome properties of Tamarind

How many of you really know about Tamarind? Or even about Tamarind Benefits or side effects? Many people eat tamarinds and do not even know about its properties for our body. Here you can get all the information about Tamarind.

Tamarind is sweet and delicious fruit. It has many applications and uses for culinary and medicinal purposes. This is medium – sized bushy tree. It has evergreen leaves. The fruits of this tree develop in pods which are characterized by brown and long shells. The tamarind fruit inside is sticky, fleshy and it has juicy pulp. It has many health benefit such as protect children against parasites and worms, prevent cancer, lower cholesterol to improve cardiovascular health, reduce fever, increase the strength of the immune system, relieve pain, improve the digestive system, heal skin conditions, boost respiratory health, improve eye health and reduce the inflammation throughout the body.

This fruit is a blood thinner which means that it can lower the blood pressure. In some cases when is happening bleeding, then people can find difficulties with reducing this condition. If you take other blood thinners, then you should be careful when you ingest an excessive amount of this fruit.

Benefits of Tamarind (Healthy properties of Tamarind)

Immune system:

Tamarind has high amounts of Vitamin C. Also it has another antioxidant properties. The tamarind essential oil is one of the best natural remedies that can help you to boost your immune system. This will also ensure you that you will stay protected from fungal and microbial infections. Tamarind has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which can help you to reduce the chances of getting parasites in your body. In the tropical areas where this fruit is cultivated children who consume tamarind has decreased chances of getting stomach worms.

Anti – inflammatory capacity: 

The tamarind essential oil has many anti – inflammatory properties which can help you to reduce your chances of getting gout, rheumatic conditions, arthritis, inflammation and joint pain. Also it can help you to reduce the eye irritation. Pink eyes are also known as conjunctivitis which is one of the most common eye irritations. In many herbal medicines tamarind is used as natural remedy for inflammation because it has anti – inflammatory and soothing properties.

Manage diabetes: 

Tamarind can help the weight gain. It can inhibit the enzymes that can add in weight. It has alpha – amylase which can stop the carbohydrates from being absorbed which are easily converted to fats or simple sugars. If you have carbohydrate – heavy diet, then this can increase your chances of having uncontrolled insulin and glucose levels which is one of the biggest problems for diabetics. If you consume tamarind, then you should know that this fruit will control these fluctuations and it will monitor them constantly.

Weight loss: 

Tamarind has unique component that is known as HCA (hydroxycitric acid). This element can help you to lose your unwanted weight because it inhibits the enzyme in your body which can store fat. Also this element can suppress the appetite because it has ability to increase the serotonin neurotransmitter. There should be done lot more studies in the future about the tamarind and its connection with the weight loss but there are positive studies till today.

Nerve function: 

Tamarind is rich with Vitamin B complex. One of the most important vitamins that is found in the tamarind and which is part of the Vitamin B complex is the thiamine. This vitamin can help you to improve the function of your nerves. Also the muscle development will be improved. This will help you to stay active, strong and reflexive.


Tamarind has high amounts of iron. In one single serving of tamarind you can find ten percent more amounts of iron which you need to consume in your daily diet. Also this element can help you to have normal amount of red blood cells in your body. This can ensure you that you will have normal oxygenation in many parts of your body and organs. They need normal levels of oxygen to function properly. Also this element can help you to stay protected from anemia which has many symptoms such as stomach issues, cognitive disorders, headaches, fatigue and weakness.

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