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How To Get Rid Of Headache In Just 30 Seconds ?!?

Common headaches prevent people to perform their everyday tasks normally, so if you have this problem, read the following so you can find out how to get rid of it.

Valley of Harmony acupoint

We are talking about an old but good trick which proved its effectiveness and can be performed independently, which means that you do not need the help of another person. In this way, in just thirty seconds, you can get rid of the headache thanks to the so-called hoku point.

The hoku point is located on the palm, between the bones of the index finger and the thumb. We are talking about acupressure points, which are related to the relaxation of the upper body, so by pressing on this spot, you can stimulate the work of your own nerves.

The acupressure process:

❶ With the thumb and index finger of the other hand press the hoku point.

❷ Hold the pressure over the mentioned position about 30 seconds or until you feel muscle relaxation. Repeat the procedure two to three times, in order to get rid of the headache completely.