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How To Grow An Unlimited Supply Of Lemons Using Just 1 Seed

We all like freshly squeezed lemonade, but we don’t always  have lemons in our home. What if you never need to purchase lemons because you are able to grow your own? You will have fresh lemons and lemonade in every moment, how amazing is that?

We will present you the way you need to plant and care for your lemon tree in your house with just one seed! Let us first find out all the health benefits lemon has.

Healing properties of Lemon

Lemon is not the fruit you will take for a snack between the meals, but they are very powerful when it comes to our health.

Because of the high amount of vitamin C, lemons are excellent for treating common sicknesses like flu or cold. But, something you did not know about lemon is that it can heal even more serious issues like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Another benefit for our health is that lemon can reduce inflammation and lower the damaging effect which free radical do to our body.

This fruit contains great number of flavonoids which have anti-carcinogenic or antioxidant properties.

How To Grow A Lemon Tree

You will Need:

  • One lemon
  • Good soil
  • A container or pot
  • Plastic film which can breathe
  • An area with sun light.

How to Plant Your Seed:

  1. In a bucket, place the soil and mix it with some water in order to dampen it.
  2. Put the moistened soil inside the container and make sure you leave approximately one inch of space below the rim.
  3. Once you slice the lemon, look for a seed in good shape.
  4. Remove the flesh from the seed, and try not to dry it since you need to plant it moistened.
  5. Make a hole for about half an inch in the soil and place the seed inside. Cover the seed and use watering can or squirt bottle to water it.
  6. Use the breathable plastic in order to cover the container and keep it moist and warm on an area where the sunlight shines. Find a balance when watering, since the seed can rot if there’s too much moisture.
  7. Keep an eye on the plant for about a week or two and take care of it. As soon as it starts sprouting, take off the plastic cover.
  8. After the sprouting occurs, move the plant to an area where the sunlight is directly on it.

How to Care For Your Plant:

  1. Pour water regularly to the soil in order to be moist and do this while the tree is still young. But, be careful not to overload it with water and make drainage holes on the container or buy one from the market.
  2. The tree needs sunlight all the time, at least 8 hours, that is why you need to place the plant on a well lighted area.
  3. Like every other plant, it needs a fertilizer so add some when it needs.
  4. Once you notice the plant gets bigger, transplant it into a larger pot. If it is too big for your home, then move it into your backyard or if you don not have one then on the balcony or front porch.

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