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Try Kumis – The Best Russian Natural Medicine for Healthy Stomach, Liver and Intestines

Kumis, also known as koumiss, is sour dairy drink which is obtained by acidification of mare or cow milk with the help of bacteria.

Through the process of synthesis of vitamin C and vitamin B manufacturers get alcohol. A regular kumis drink comes with 0.2 to 2.5% alcohol.

This amazing beverage has been produced in the steppe areas in Russia for thousands of years. It is very popular in Kazakhstan too. Even the ancient writer and historian Herodotus in the 5thcentury B.C. described this drink calling it milky wine.

Many people call it the magic potion because it has the ability to slow down the aging process which is why it is mostly used by women. This drink is also sparkling and carbonated.

Kumis Recipe

  • Take two tablespoons of organic honey and dissolve them into one cup of boiling water. Mix everything well and pour it in a large glass jar.
  • Add two tablespoons of homemade kefir and one liter of domestic milk (goat, cow, mare).
  • Stir the mixture and use two layers of gauze to cover it and leave the mixture in a warm place for three days.
  • After that, add one teaspoon of dry yeast, mix well and re-cover it.
  • Once you notice the formation of bubbles in the jar, this means that the kumis is ready.
  • Put the jar in a fridge and drink about 0.5 dl three times a day. Drink this beverage about half an hour before each meal.

According to Dr. Elena Ivanova, kumis is a very old recipe that actually works. It improves the digestive processes and creates healthy gut flora. It also removes harmful fermentation With its help, the intestines, liver and stomach will work much better. Dr. V. Balibok, famous Russian allergologist, has confirmed these claims.