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Your Fingernails Will Never Grow Faster And They Will Never Break With This Homemade Nail Hardener!

All women desire to have strong and long fingernails, so they often visit manicurists in order to fulfill their wish, but also for their hands to look pretty. Still, this can be really harmful as it destroys your own nails.

Using a nail hardener is essential and can help you solve the problem with weak fingernails. Although there are some special products that can help you harden your nails, here, we are going to propose you a very simple and economic remedy that will harden your nails naturally and they’ll be healthier than ever.

For the following treatment you are going to need a few capsules of vitamin E that they sell in the pharmacies and ingredients as simple as lemon and garlic. The advantage of this homemade hardener is that it contains a major concentration of vitamins and minerals instead of aggressive chemicals.

The garlic is provided with sulfurous substances that penetrate easily, strengthening the whole structure of the fingernail. Also, the vitamin E provides it with moisture, but it also stimulates its growth and diminishes the weakening. We can also add lemon that will help us diminish the spots, the yellowish color and the possible fungi.

Natural Hardener Made of Garlic and Vitamin E To Strengthen The Fingernails


  • a transparent nail polish
  • 3 bare garlic cloves
  • 20 drops of lemon juice
  • 1 capsule of vitamin E

Preparation and use:

The first step for the making of this hardener is to dip 3 garlic cloves in warm water for approximately 15 minutes and crush them until you obtain a paste.

Then, mix the paste along with the content of the vitamin E capsule in the enamel. Also add approximately 20 drops of lemon and shake the mixture for several seconds until everything is mixed well.

Leave it to stay for 1 day before you use it. Apply a small quantity of enamel on your weak fingernails and leave it to dry well. Repeat the procedure every day. 

Once it forms a thin layer, withdraw it with a little bit of enamel and repeats the application with the fresh product. You must use the treatment for at least one month in order to obtain favorable results! Health.