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11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You SICK & FAT!

Water isn’t just good and refreshing it is also paramount to our continued existence.

Why do people need to drink water?

So, since our bodies need it, how MUCH they need is always the question on everyone’s mind. But, the fact of the matter is, that number is different for everyone; your needed intake depends on your lifestyle, activity level, eating habits, and the climate you live in. The best method for figuring out how much you need is by paying attention to your body.

Turns out, dehydration actually sets in before you feel thirsty and is often indicated by feeling slightly hungry. Therefore, if you find yourself feeling a bit peckish, try a glass of water first. You’ll also know if you need more water by looking at your urine. Dark urine usually indicates that your kidneys are retaining fluid to maintain normal body functions. And, if you are dehydrated, besides the darker urine- you’ll be going less. According to my better half, a healthy person should urinate 7-8 times PER DAY. Trust me, it might seem like a lot but once you get yourself properly hydrated, you FEEL out of balance when your water intake drops.

If you have trouble getting enough water, try sipping it throughout the day, as opposed to cramming it in when you realize you haven’t had enough. Or, follow the Japanese model and have 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach in the morning. Having a couple of glasses of water as soon as you wake up will not only help boost your blood pressure to normal levels but it will also help clean out your system (you know, get you to the bathroom quickly).

Check out this handy graphic from our friends at Collective Evolution:


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