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8 Drinks to Make Before Bed to Detox Your Liver and Burn Fat All Night Long

The best detoxification is during sleeping because in that period the body rebuilds and regenerates its tissues. The Traditional Chinese Medicine claims that the liver, the body’s greatest detoxification organ functions the best between 1am and 3am.

So, it is important to provide the body with the necessary conditions for its effective detoxification. First of all, for a proper detoxification, it is necessary to be sound asleep.

Second, it is important to have enough blood and bodily fluids so that the body is not overloaded with harmful substances. The detoxification will provide a healthy metabolism, which can further lower the amount of toxins and improve the fat burning process.

However, there are some drinks and teas can help you to detoxify your body: 8 Great Bedtime Drinks for Detoxification

Chamomile Tea

The mildly bitter nature of this tea, thanks to the sesquiterpene lactone helps the liver to detoxify the body. Also, it is a potent tea for nervine action because it calms the nerves and will help you fall asleep.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the chamomile can help the body deal with intermediates of detoxification, reasons for inflammation in the body.

Lemon Water

This is such a great drink that you should consume throughout the day. Just squeeze fresh lemon in water or add some sliced lemons in a jar of water. If you prefer consuming lemons with peel, make sure you use some organic ones in order to avoid the pesticide exposure. While you are asleep, the lemon water will remove the toxins from your blood.

Warm lemon water is the best option because cold drinks can shock the body and take the heat from your digestive system in order to warm up. For this reason, practice drinking warm drinks.

Jujube Fruit

This Chinese herb nourishes the liver blood, which is needed for the detoxification process and burning of fats. This herb or also called Da Zao, calms down the mind and ease the stress so you will have a good quality sleep and proper functioning of the liver.

The jujube herb strengthens the Spleen-Pancreas, which according the Chinese Medicine can be affected by an overloaded liver and further lead to improper digestion.

Lotus Seed

The Chinese Medicine favors this herb because of its benefits for the night’s sleep. It will reduce anxiety, stress, racing thoughts that may infringe your sleep. In this way you will calm your mind and reduce heart palpitations.

You can add some lavender to this sea in order to intensify its effects and calm down the nerves.

Rose Tea

Rose is a potent herb that is related to the heart meridian which stimulates emotions. This may be the main reason why it is regarded as the symbol of love. It enables a proper flow of energy from the liver because the improper one can cause some depressive states. These conditions can infringe the quality of sleep and can lead to blood consumption.

The rose tea will enable proper blood flow due to its astringent qualities and the high tanin content. The tanin will remove the toxins and provide a good blood flow, which will further promote the detoxification process.

Peppermint Tea

Along its many benefits, the peppermint tea is especially useful for the digestive process. So, if you have some large meal at night, the high content of menthone and menthone will help you digest the food.

The peppermint tea also help for the proper functioning of the liver in the way that promotes the digestive and detoxification functions.

Oat Tea

Its tops and seeds are loaded with many nutritional qualities. It is high in vitamins, minerals and proteins, called avenins that help the Phase I and II or the liver detoxification.

The oat promotes the health of the nervous system by calming the mind and bringing balance to the emotions.

Schizandra Berry Tea

To enrich your body with their healthy properties, just infuse the schizandra berries with hot water. The fruity tea will protect your liver  from the harmful intermediates in the detoxification process.

The important hepatoprotective capabilities of these berries are thanks to their lignan content. Along their protective functions, they have an adaptogenic action which help in the all body processes.

To Conclude

Bear in mind that you need a high amount of fluids during the detoxification and weight loss process. These bedtime beverages will provide your body with additional fluid intake. Also, for proper functioning of your organs, you need adequate and good quality sleep.

So, go to bed around 11 pm at the latest and you will be asleep before 1 am.