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Benefits of Arrowroot: top 7 Healthy properties

Beneficial features for Health of Arrowroot

Arrowroot has many benefits such as promote healthy digestive system, reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, boost the metabolism, prevent birth defects, ease stomach issues, help with weight loss goals and promote growth and development. Technically this is not a plant in itself. It is a type of starch that can be readily obtained from the roots of many different rhizomes and plants.

This starch is high in nutrients and it has many health benefits for which reason it has been used in the traditional medicine more than 7,000 years. There are many natural remedies which have disproven their health benefits but the arrowroot remains one of the best natural cures for many different health conditions. In the most cases arrowroot is used as a food thickener but also you can eat on its own.

You can eat it in many forms such as boiled, roasted, raw or stewed without losing the nutrients and potency. There are not known toxicity or danger to arrowroot. Also it can be used in baby’s formulas with no side effects. But you should talk with your doctor before you add arrowroot in your diet.

Benefits for Health and Body of Arrowroot

Heart health: 

Arrowroot has high amounts of potassium which means that it is the defense line against heart – related issues. Also this element is a vasodilator which means that it relaxes the tension in your arteries and blood vessels. This will reduce your chances of getting strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis because it will lower your blood pressure. Also it has potassium which is known as cognitive enhancer. This means that it will promote the flow of oxygenated blood to your brain.


We know that the dietary fiber is one of the most important parts of our digestive processes. It can help to move the food through the bowel in very effective way. Also in this process it is stimulating the uptake of nutrients. It can eliminate issues of diarrhea and constipation, prevent the onset of diabetes and also manages blood sugar levels. The dietary fiber can help you to clear out the excess cholesterol that can promote your cardiovascular health.

Weight loss concern: 

Arrowroot has low amounts of calories compared to other starches such as cassava, potatoes or yams. This is a reason why people who try to remain on a diet should add arrowroot in their diets. In this way they will eliminate the desire to snack between meals and get a healthy dose of dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates and nutrients. Arrowroot will fill you up and it will give all vitamins and minerals which your body needs for the proper functioning.

Growth and development: 

Arrowroot has a higher concentration of protein compared to other starches and root vegetables. When you are increasing your intake of plant protein (plant proteins are easier to process compared to animal proteins), then in this way you will have healthy growth and development.

Stomach concerns: 

Celiac disease is one of the most common diseases all around the world. People are trying to find gluten – free alternative to traditional wheat and starches. Arrowroot is a gluten – free substance which is a very popular in the recent years because it can prevent danger, pain and discomfort that people who are a gluten intolerance should face with it every day.

Birth defects: 

Folate is member of the Vitamin B family. Arrowroot has this component in high amounts. There are many studies in which is shown that the folate is one of the most important elements for expecting mothers because it can help them to prevent the neural tube defects in their unborn child. Folate is also very important for the healthy cell division and it is an important factor in DNA synthesis. This can promote healthy growth and rapid healing.

Metabolic processes: 

Arrowroot has high amounts of Vitamin B which is making it an important metabolic substance and enzymatic substance; vitamin B is very important for regulating the process throughout the body, from the hormonal release to circadian rhythms which means that you will never have a deficiency in this way.