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Benefits of Vegetable Marrow for your Health

Healing properties of Marrow vegetable

Marrow is a bush variety of early pumpkin.

Eat its immature fruits of the extended form.

Ripened marrow hard and fibrous. From a gastronomic point of view, they are not of interest.

As a rule, the beneficial properties and contraindications of the marrow do not depend on the degree of maturity. Nevertheless, fruits of medium size have found more widespread use.

Calorie of marrow

Water, fiber and some mineral salts are the three main components of the marrow pulp. In addition, they identified vitamins C, PP, B, organic acids.

The chemical composition can not be called rich. However, the use of marrow for the human body is not due to the number of substances, and their balanced composition.

Composition of vegetable Marrow

100 g marrow pulp contains:

  • 93 g of water;
  • 4.6 g carbohydrates;
  • 0.6 g of proteins;
  • 0.3 g fat;
  • 4.6 g of mono- and disaccharides;
  • 1 g of dietary fiber;
  • 2 g unsaturated and saturated fatty acids;
  • 0.4 g of ash.

Nutrition value of vegetable marrow

Caloric content of 100 grams of raw marrow – from 17 to 24 kcal. It depends on the variety and varies with the method of heat treatment.

Thus, the energy value of roasted marrow – about 90 kcal / 100 g

The product is included in low-calorie diets, it is suitable for catering for diabetes. Its glycemic index is 15 units. When frying it rises to 75 units.

Vegetable Marrow: health benefits and harm

The pulp and juice of marrow positively affect:

  • hematopoietic and metabolic processes;
  • the work of the bladder and kidneys;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • bone tissue;
  • nervous system;
  • immunity.

Beneficial features of vegetable marrows

Modern research confirms popular knowledge about the benefits of marrow for the human body.

  1. The fruits are used as an additional therapy for hepatitis, cholecystitis, hypertension, colitis.
  2. Copper and iron in their composition improves blood quality and activates hematopoietic function in anemia.
  3. They have a weak diuretic effect, relieve light edema associated with impaired renal function.
  4. Potassium and sodium salts in fruits are in the ratio of 150: 1. This composition improves the water balance of the body.
  5. Like other foods with a high content of dietary fiber, marrow affect cholesterol levels, reducing it. They are recommended to persons with exchange problems.
  6. Marrow, unlike many vegetables, is eaten mainly after heat treatment. Therefore, it can be eaten even to people with digestive problems. It does not increase diarrhea, and helps with constipation.
  7. Broth from flowers treat skin diseases.

Contraindications and side effects of marrows

In the tavern is a large amount of fiber. It is both the benefits of marrow and harm to health. It is not digested at all in the body, but is displayed in the form of a food lump.

Swelling in the intestines, the fiber cleans it, but can cause diarrhea in people with gastrointestinal problems. With ulcer, gastritis, as with renal failure, the benefits of raw marrow is highly questionable. Vegetable can aggravate the painful condition.

Marrows treatment

For treatment, preference is given to plants grown without the use of growth promoters. Suit young marrow with undigested seeds.

  1. Fruits are boiled with the peel (if there are problems with the digestive tract, the peel is cut off). Crush and eat without oil and salt. Such a dish is useful for puffiness, gout and other metabolic disorders.
  2. The seeds are eaten raw, they are dried in the oven for storage and eaten 15–20 pieces each. in a day. Seeds are a good preventive measure against helminthic invasions.
  3. Juice drink freshly, 30 minutes before or after meals. Begin with 1 tbsp. l and gradually bring up to one and a half glasses a day. The daily rate is divided into 3 doses. The tool helps to eliminate bile and prevents its stagnation. Does not allow the accumulation of excess fluid in the body. The course is designed for 1-2 months of admission. After a 7-day break, reception is resumed.
  4. The flowers are used for eczema, various rashes on the skin. To do this, they are poured boiling water (10 flowers for 0.5 liters of water) and insist 3 hours. Drink during the day after 20 minutes after meals. Reception course – 12 days.

What is useful marrow for women

Marrow belongs to the hypo-allergenic products. It promotes the elimination of toxins, radionuclides, cholesterol, which has a positive effect on the health and appearance of women. The benefits of marrow for women is to increase stress resistance.

Marrow (vegetable) during pregnancy

Expectant mothers do not ignore the question: can pregnant squash? For healthy women there are no restrictions. Marrows can even improve the health of pregnant.

Nutritionists advise eating their stews for dinner. Vegetables will help control weight and remove the swelling that appears in the second half of pregnancy, improve intestinal motility.

Can marrow during breastfeeding

Marrow is introduced into the menu and during breastfeeding. Is it possible to eat marrow without restrictions, and in what form? In most cases there is no limit. Only eat them not raw, preferably boiled or stewed.

They are neutral in taste and do not cause discomfort in the baby. Caution should be exercised only to women who did not eat marrow while pregnant.

Cosmetic use

Marrow, like cucumber, will help to cope with skin problems. Mask of courgettes for the face has a whitening effect.

Instead of pulp, it is convenient to use marrow juice. To it add 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice and impregnate gauze with this compound. The exposure time is 20 minutes.

About the hairstyle take care mask of marrow for hair with onion juice. It will take 2 tbsp. l chopped raw marrow and onions. The tool is applied to the roots for 30 minutes. Wash off with water, wash the hair with shampoo.

Mask of marrow for heels effectively moisturize and soften coarse skin. To do this, put on the cloth marrow crushed on a grater and put a mask on the feet.

Fix all food wrap. After half an hour, remove, rinse your feet with water and apply a moisturizer.