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Can’t Sleep? Here’s How To Stop Insomnia In Its Tracks Without Dangerous Pills

We’ve all had those occasional nights rustling under the covers, and constantly flipping your pillow until you finally fall asleep from exhaustion.

However, if you have severe insomnia it could be linked to various other neurological conditions, including anxiety, and depression.

It also may be the result of one of the painkillers, antihistamines, or any of the other medications you are currently taking contributing to your insomnia.

Don’t take more pills to fix this, here’s why you should start drinking this banana tea to cure your problem…

Beautiful Bananas

You will be surprised once you learn how easy, simple this tea is to make. The magnesium and potassium in the banana work as a team to fight against sleep interruptions by relaxing your muscles, which helps your body maintain a calm state.

No longer will you be woken up in the middle of the night by sharp muscle pains, or a racing mind. Drink this tea before bed, so your mind will stay calm, and your body will stay fully relaxed.

It’s easy to make

All you need to make this incredible sleep remedy is a small pot of water, an organic banana, and some cinnamon.

To prepare this tea you first bring the pot of water to a boil then you just toss in the unpeeled banana into the boiling water and cook for 10 minutes.

Next you strain the incredible tea into your favorite mug, sprinkle some cinnamon on top, and enjoy before bed. In addition to the tea, you can also put some cinnamon on the boiled banana, and enjoy the two together.

Pills cause problems

Countless people resort to sleeping pills because they think it is the only thing that will be able to put them to sleep. This could be problematic because sleeping pills are generally successful in putting you to sleep, but do nothing to help you stay asleep.

Plus these drugs often come with undesirable side effects including stomach pain, trouble concentrating, uncontrollable shaking, and dizziness.

Additionally, these pills have a high chance of addiction, which could potentially be dangerous depending on your history.

Getting too little sleep can hurt you

Your body begins to function improperly when it is deprived of sleep for a prolonged amount of time. It has been known to strain your memory, alter your cognitive function, and disable your ability to focus.

This is even as serious as developing early symptoms of cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

So this banana tea could be more important to your health than you thought. Your body will naturally begin to fix itself once it begins to get a steady eight hours of sleep a night.