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Prescription for cleansing the lungs of nicotine or a cold cough

This is an excellent remedy for the ones that like to clean the lungs of every flu or irritating cough or simply for smokers. The beneficial remedy could be also used by small children because it is absolutely natural and works without any side-effects. Have in minds that sometimes remedies or home recipes show superior results than the conventional medications.

Check out the recipe!

Needed Ingredients:

– ½ a liter of water
– ½ kilogram of carrots, medium size
– 3 or 4 tbsp-s of honey


Initially, wash the carrots very well. After that, cut them into slices and boil them waiting to become softer. Take them away from the heat and wait to become cold. Strain the water and set it aside. Mix the water where you boiled the carrots with the honey.
Subsequently, join the blended carrots, to get a blend similar as syrup.

Between the advantages that this syrup offers are included:

– prevention from acne,
– avoiding cancer,
– decreasing
– cholesterol levels,
– keeping away heart diseases,
– cleaning the lungs,
– eliminating toxins.

Use: it is recommended to take one tablespoon of the syrup every 4 hours and you will notice the progress in just 4 days. She syrup should be kept in the fridge.
In case that you note certain side effects, stop consuming the syrup!