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Incredible Benefits for Health of Acorns

When people hear acorn, then they are not thinking about food. A nut of an oak tree is called acorn. It is in the family named Quercus or Lithocarpus genera. They are most easily found in the Northern hemisphere but nowadays they are also spreading all around the world. You might have seen them in the movies where squirrels are eating acorns. They are having many health benefits and this is a reason why they are spread all around the world. They have been used in the traditional medicine many years ago.

Koreans and Native Americans are using the acorns at most. When you are consuming too much acorns in your diet, then you can have upset stomach or nausea because it has tannin component. When you are using acorns in your diet you should be sure that they are steeped because in this way you will remove the bitter component from them. When you are boiling nuts, then you are reducing the health benefits of this nut and also neutralizing the nutrients which are in the acorns.

People who avoid drinking coffee have replaced the need for coffee with acorns. They can be added in muffins, baked in breads and other kinds of foods where grain flour is used as its component. They are having high amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins which are keeping our health.

Here are some benefit for health of acorns:


Acorns are part of the nuts family which means that they are rich with fiber. This element is very important for the digestive health. This element is helping you to eliminate the diarrhea and constipation and also you can have regular bowel movement. People who are suffering from bloating, cramping, bowel movements and other gastrointestinal problems should use acorns in their diet.

Skin health: 

Tannins which is an element of acorns is one of the most important elements which is protecting our skin because it has astringent properties. You should soak or boil acorns in water. When they are in water, then the tannins is released. You can apply the water topically on your skin to reduce the inflammation and burns, to soothe the rashes and burns and speed up the healing process of wounds and cuts.

Diabetes prevention: 

People, who are suffering from diabetes, should add acorns in their diet because they will help them to regulate this disease. They have complex carbohydrates and fiber content which are a reason for this regulation

Energy levels: 

When acorns are consumed, then they are giving more energy to the body because they are rich with complex carbohydrates. This is one of the prefect meals because they are giving you energy to do the everyday activities.

Heart health: 

Most nuts are having high amounts of fats. If you want to cut the fat content, then you should consume acorns. They are having more unsaturated fats compared with saturated fats which mean that cholesterol levels will be normal. Also you will prevent the obesity and atherosclerosis that can affect your heart because you are consuming saturated fats in your body.

Metabolic activity: 

Acorns are having vitamins from the B – family which means that they are regulating the metabolic activities in the body. You might think that they are small and they do not have enough vitamins, but they are rich with Vitamin B12, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin. When you are consuming these vitamins, then you are improving your overall health.

Bone health: 

Calcium, potassium and phosphorous are one of the most important elements for our bone health. When you are having enough amounts of these components, then you are reducing your risk of getting osteoporosis. You should eat acorns because they are rich with calcium which means that your bone density will be normal.

Healing, repair and growth: 

Proteins are one of the most important parts for our body to be safe and healthy. Acorns are full of proteins which are keeping the health of our heart. When you have enough proteins in your body, then the process of creation of the new cells and tissues is increased. Also when you have injuries and you have some kinds of disease, then you are increasing your chances of healing faster. When you have some damaged area, then you can also use acorns as your natural treatment.