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Incredible Benefits for Health of Cranberries

Cranberries are one of the healthiest foods in the worlds. They are popular in USA as a part of Thanksgiving celebration. In this party they can be found as dessert, dried cranberries, casseroles, cranberries drinks and cranberry sauce. Is not known how this berry has become part of this holiday. Cranberries are just only known as food, but also in the Native America they have been used as dyes for making clothes and blankets. It having great anti-oxidants properties. Also it rich with nutrients. it known as super food because they are having many health benefits. One-half of cup with cranberries contains 25 calories.

Here are some benefits for health of Cranberries:

Anti-aging benefits: 

It are good for keeping the health when people are in their older ages. They are rich with antioxidants and phytonutrients which are having major role to stop the development of some disease which is happening when people are getting older such as lack of coordination and memory loss. Cranberries are also having therapeutic properties which are protecting the cells of damage from the free radicals.


When you are eating cranberries in fresh form they are useful for fighting against the infections. They are good healers for colds and throats.

Good for obesity: 

It are rich with organic acids. They are having emulsifying effects on the fat deposits which are stored in our bodies. People who want to lose their weight; they should use cranberries as a treatment for weight loss.

Avoid respiratory infections: 

Many medical studies have shown that it (especially cranberry juice) are helping to inhibit certain strains of the Haemophilus influenza which is reason for infections in the respiratory system and ears in children. Cranberries are good for inhibiting the adhering to the surface of the skin.

Prevents cancer: 

It are rich with proanthocyanidins. They are inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells. They are also rich with flavonoids which are having vital role for reducing the risk of cancer and deaths caused by cancer. Cranberry juice contains anti-carcinogenic components which are protecting the organism from prostate and colon cancer. Also proanthocyanidins can prevent the small tumors to spread in the blood vessels. If you are consuming cranberry juice regularly, then you can decrease your chances to get cancer. Also the cranberries are preventing against the breast cancer.

Lung inflammation: 

When people are suffering from lung inflammation which is caused by the influenza virus, then they should consume cranberry juice regularly because the juice has anti-inflammatory effects which are proven as treatment for lung inflammation. Also cranberries are having substance which is called NDM which is preventing the influenza to attack the healthy cells.

Strengthens bones and teeth: 

Cranberry juice is rich with calcium which is helping to our bones to stay safe and healthy. Also this berry is reducing the risk of getting osteoporosis.

Prevents kidney stones: 

It are rich with acid components which are preventing the kidney from formation of kidney stones.


When people are having deficiency of Vitamin C in their bodies, then this could result with scurvy. Cranberries are rich with Vitamin C. This vitamin is vital for collagen formation which is good for healthy functioning of the tissues.

Anti-tumor effects: 

This fruit has polyphenolic components. These components are having anti-tumor effects. If you are consuming cranberries regularly, then you can decrease you chances to get breast, colon, prostate and lung cancers. Salicylic acid which is component of the cranberries is also preventing the blood clots, eliminates tumors and is helping to reduce swelling.

Cardiovascular health: 

This fruit can reduce the risk of any kind of cardiovascular disease. It is reducing the risk of the heart diseases. It are rich with flavonoids. It are having wonderful anti-oxidants properties. Flavonoids are protecting the organism from atherosclerosis.

Urinary tract infections: 

Medical experts are recommending to people who are suffering from urinary infections to use it because they are effective at healing it. Proanthocyanidins which is represented in high amounts in the cranberries is reducing the risk of getting bacteria in your urinary tract.


Proanthocyanidins are helping not just on the urinary tract infections, but they are also helping the teeth from binding.