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Impressive Health Benefits of Oysters

Oysters are delicious and unusual mollusks that provide the human body with many minerals and unique nutrients. They are eaten by all people around the world. There are many types of oysters. Oysters that create pearls are not consumed by people. They are part of the human diet around 700 years. Oysters can be eaten in cooked or raw form for much longer period. You should crack the shells and then you can eat the meat that is inside the oyster.

Oysters are absorbing many nutrients from the area they live which means that some of them can have certain toxins and pollutants. This is a reason why you should eat them only from trusted sources. Also it has high amounts of different minerals so you should be careful when you eat them because it can cause you signs of mineral overdose.

Benefits for Health and Body of oysters:

Immune function: 

When you eat oysters, then you boost your immune system. It is rich with Vitamin E and Vitamin C that have anti – inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They can protect our bodies from the free radicals. When we have free radicals in our bodies, then they make the healthy DNA to mutate into cancerous cells. They can cause you premature aging and heart disease.

Bone health: 

It has high amounts of minerals that can help us to have strong and healthy bones. Oysters are rich with selenium, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorous and calcium that can increase the bone mineral density and durability which means that you have decreased chances of getting osteoporosis.

Blood circulation and volume: 

Oysters are rich with iron. In each serving of oysters there is 90% of iron of the daily recommended dose which you should consume. They can help you to reduce the risk of getting anemia and also they can help you to have normal formation of the red blood cells. Also the iron will ensure you that you will have proper oxygenation in all parts of your body which means that you will have normal function of your metabolism.


Men should use oysters in their diets because it can boost their libido and sexual performance because oysters are aphrodisiacs. They have high amounts of zinc which is 1500% more compared with the daily recommended intake amount. When men have zinc deficiency, then they have erectile dysfunction or impotence. If you are a man, then you should add oysters in your diet because it will increase your sexual performance and also you will have increased feelings of masculinity.

Wound healing: 

Oysters are rich with zinc which can boost your immune system against many microbes and infections and also it can help to increase the healing process of wounds. Also this element is very important for our children because it can help them to have normal growth and development. But also it can help to adults to have normal bodily function.

Heart health: 

Oysters are rich with an omega – 3 fatty acids which are a good form of the cholesterol. They can help you to reduce the bad cholesterol levels and it will inhibit them from artery walls and blood vessels. This will reduce your chances of health complications in which we can include the cardiovascular disease and also it will reduce the plaque accumulation. It has high amounts of magnesium and potassium which can help you to lower the blood pressure levels and it will relax the blood vessels.

It will help you to increase the oxygenation and circulation of your blood which means that it will reduce the strain of your cardiovascular system. It also has Vitamin E that can help you to increase the flexibility and strength of the cellular membranes which also can help you to have a quality protection from the heart diseases.

Protein content: 

Oysters are rich with proteins that are very important elements for our bodies. They can ensure us that we have normal muscle strength, metabolic activity, cellular growth and tissue repair.

Weight loss: 

Oysters have small amounts of calories but also they are rich with nutrients which is making them a perfect diet for all people who want to lose their extra weight.