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I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Recipe and Didn’t Wash My Hair for Five Days: The results will surprise you!

Kim Kardashian recently said that she washed her hair every fifth day, and it sounded a bit unbelievable to us, how she manages to look so good without washing your hair So we decided to try it ourselves. Five days without washing your hair – these are the results.

Kim explained that she doesn’t wash her hair every day, and revealed what day what hairstyle she wears.

– I don’t wash my hair every day. The first day i straighten my hair, next make a messy hairdo and then a slicked hairstyle. On the fourth day I wear slicked back ponytail and the fifth day i wash it – she said.

Sounds perfect, right? Because, when we could really wash our hair every fifth day, imagine how much longer we could be able to sleep and not to think about the hair.


The first day, clean hair.

First and foremost, to introduce you to my hair. In the morning, wash, and by the end of the working day is already ripe for re-washing. So this morning I got up a little earlier, so I washed it not once, but three times with a strong shampoo Then followed some balm and rinsed it thoroughly.

Kim suggests that i should straighten my hair, but because of the detailed washing i did not have time to blow dry it completely so I just blow dried the roots. On the picture the hair is still a little wet, but creaking clean and fluffy. If only remained there until tomorrow….

Of course, to the close of business on the fringe completely separated, and I was crying because I know that I cannot wash it.


Day two, messy hair.

By Kim Kardashian’s recipe, the second day is reserved for a messy hairstyle Since I have a totally straight hair without stages, except bangs, messy hairstyle in my case means bigger curls with a little foam on my hair.

When I woke up, I knew I would need a lot of effort to make my hair look nice and clean, but after half an hour twisting and half a bottle of spray for dry cleaning, I am satisfied with the results.

However, by the end of the day the bangs again started to shine and the curls lost their shape and looked like was drenched. I do not think that Kim would leave her house with hair like this.


The third day, slicked hair

Next in line is the slicked hairstyle with ironed hair, which sounded like a great idea in the evening. However, when I got up in the morning and saw the oily, shaggy (from yesterday’s “curls”) hair, i felt sick in my stomach. I immediately knew that I would be much easier to just wash my hair, than make it for half an hour.

But, come on, Kim says slicked hair – slicked hair will be. I don’t really like the hair iron, so I straightened my hair as best I could, and there was no problem. The natural oil – otherwise very healthy for the hair itself – made sure that the job is well done.


On the fourth day, the ponytail,

And this time I took Kardashian’s advice, and I have not regretted. However, I decided to tail on the side, which she rarely wears, because I think it always looks better.

Also, I realized that the hair does not look much dirty if you have bangs established So I inflicted on them a little spray, which made them look a lot better.

I used an old trick, so I used a stronger makeup in order to divert attention from the hair. I’m pleased with my hair, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow and washing my hair.


The fifth day, chignon.

Kim did not bother to leave instructions for the fifth day, but only said that she washed her hair that day. But to wash the hair i had to wait even half a day, which means i need to leave the house and go to work. I do not think a lot and I choose a bun with “donuts” and poufy bangs.

This is normally hairstyle which I wear on the third day, if you do not have the time to wash my hair. But there you go, i waited the fifth day On my head I have a strong hairspray, to keep everything from moving, a strong perfume to cover the effects of the five days of not washing.

You know that feeling when you wear tight shoes all day and you finally take them off? Well, that is what I felt when I finally put my head under the shower that evening. Although it is fun to try, and no doubt that it happens to all of us that we do not get to wash our hair, I think it is still easier to get up a little earlier and wash your hair, you spend half an hour trying wonders on the head to make something that looks like… well, something!

Conclusion: Nice try, Kim, but we know that you wash your hair secretly!